Chair history

The department "Accounting and Audit" of the higher school of Economics and business of al-Farabi Kazakh National University was officially organized and separated from the departent "Finance and audit" on April 27, 2004. In 1999 department was produced the first set of students on should accounting and auditing. Among the first graduates of the Department works doctor (PhD) Tovma N.A.

The Department "Accounting and audit" is producing competitive, highly qualified specialists in the field of accounting and audit. Here training is conducted on the basis of the best traditions of classical education with the use of modern innovative techniques.

Study is conducted in three languages (kazakh, russian and english) at three levels:

5B050800 - bachelor's degree in "Accounting and audit"

6M050800 - master's degree in "Accounting and audit"

6D050800 - doctoral studies in the specialty "Accounting and audit"

Since 2014 to present the Department is headed by doctor of economics, professor A.M.Baidildina. The Department has professors and associate professors in the field of accounting and audit, statistics and analysis: doctor of Economics, Professor, Janshanlo R. E., Professor Baymuhanova S. B., doctor (PhD) Tovma N. and, associate professors Nizamedinova A. K., Dzhakisheva, U. K., Aralbaeva J. Z., Sultanova B. B., Nurgalieva G. K., Baidauletov M. B., Askarova J. A, Abisheva Zh. A., as well as senior teachers: Akimbaeva K. T, Arystanbaeva A. Z., Accurev E. A., Kogut O. Yu., Isaeva A. A., Alimbekova G. A., Zhunusova G. E, teachers: Kishibaeva B., Zinatulina Z. E, Toktabaev A. A., Usenov E. A., A. A, Noyanov M. E., Akhmetov M. B.

Scientific and pedagogical achievements of the teaching staff of the Department find state and public recognition. Throughout its existence, the staff of the Department is actively engaged in the development and publication of educational and methodical literature. Of particular note is the educational and methodological literature on subjects such as:" Statistics"," Financial analysis"," Economic analysis"," Tax accounting"," Financial accounting","Audit".

International relations Department is reflected in the participation of staff in international programs for exchange of teachers and scholars, conduct joint research, internships in foreign educational and scientific centers. Among the foreign partners of the Department should be noted: Lancaster University (UK), Central University of Bohemia (Prague, Czech Republic), University of Sopron (Hungary), Nanjing Agricultural University (China), Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Altai state University (Russian Federation).

In 2012, the Department "Accounting and audit" was established center of innovative competencies in the field of accounting, audit and analysis. Anyone can take the training and pass exams to obtain a certificate cap – certified accounting practitioner international Certification program CIPA. Thus, students have the opportunity to become more popular on the market immediately after graduation from their University, without interrupting the learning process. Recognition of the certificate by 30 professional organizations from 11 countries makes it possible to work around the world.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Department among the first in the University began training specialists in the program of multilingual education (Kazakh, Russian, English), which contributes to the accelerated development of academic mobility of students.

For all time of existence the department made highly skilled release of 1236 bachelors and 258 masters in specialty "Accounting and audit" who work in various branches of economy: National Bank of RK, the oil and gas companies, construction, the foreign companies, audit companies of big four (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG), the National companies, in commercial banks and on public service.


Head of the Department in different years