Social educational activity

Activities within the framework of "100 books" 

On May 2, 2018, under the "100 books" project, 3rd year students of the specialty "State and local administration" of the Higher School of Economics and Business held an event dedicated to the work of Bauyrzhan Momyshuly "Ushkan Uya".

The main task of the curatorial hour was to get acquainted with the content of this work and to comprehend the author's position. Indeed, in the works of Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, traditions and national peculiarities of the Kazakh people are very visible.

In the book "Ushkan Uya", which received the state award in 1976, he described the cases of 1916, as well as forced collectivization in the early years of the establishment of the Soviet government.

Talking and analyzing the impressions of the book, the students came to the conclusion that Bashirzhan Momyshuly's "Ushkan uya" is a treasure of Kazakh literature, and an ethnographic encyclopedia of the early twentieth century, which is very enthusiastic for all bibliophiles.


Senior Lecturer Esenzhygytova Raygul,

"Management and Marketing" Department 






"The hero's name is in the memory of the people" 


The heroic epic is the story of life, from generation to generation it will continue to evolve. The most striking example of this is one of the works in a heroic spirit, the novel by Azilkhan Nurshayhov "Truth and Legend." In this work is characterized by a strong, brave hero of the Patriotic War, Colonel of the Guard Baurzhan Momyshuly.This work became the basis  for an open academic hour called "The Hero's Name in the Memory of the People", organized by the first year students of "Marketing" in the frame work of the "100 Books" project. During the open lesson, the story of the novel "Truth and Myth" written byAzilkhan Nurshayhov was presented. In addition, it was told about the heroic deeds of the protagonist of the novel Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, the students were quoted from the novel. As a result, the patriotic spirit awoke in the students and they  learned a lot about the heroic deed soft heir ancestors.


Assistant of department "Management and Marketing"

Sermagambet U.M.







On April 21, 2018, Nauryz was celebrated at the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi. Before the KazNU were put yurts.A concert took place, on which were beautiful songs, dances of different peoples. Each guest who came to this festival participated in various interesting games, just tried the taste of national dishes, in particular Nauryz skin.



From 23.04 to 27.04, the team of Enactus KazNU took part in the annual national competitions of the Enactus Kazakhstan National Expo 2018 Cup in Astana. Fifty teams from different universities participated in the contest. Team SIFE KazNU took place in the semi-finals and was in the top five universities out of fifty.



"Smart Generation Is A Bright Future"

April 18 The republican forum "Smart generation - bright future" with participation of the city akim took place in the Palace of Students of Almaty. The forum discussed important issues in society. Akim of the city reported on the measures being taken against anti-corruption measures, as well as on the measures taken to improve the city.



On April 16, 2018, an event was held to discuss the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan: "Kazakhstan-2050": A New Policy Course of the State: Development Trends, Focused on the Future "with third-year students of the specialty" Management "of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi. The event was organized by senior teachers of the Management and Marketing Department Orazimbetova A.Sh., Abdikul Sh.N.



On April 14, 2018,KazATK conducted the 10th Republican Olympiad on logistics. Students of the 3rd year specialties "Logistics" KazNUKenzhebaiZh., Marat N., Erbaeva A., Talip M., SkakbayZh., Uzakbay D. The Olympiad was held in two stages: the first stage of the test was in the field of transport logistics, and the second stage was solved in the field of logistics. This is the Olympiad YerbaevaAiganym 2 years old, and other students have received the certificate.


In February-April 2018, third-year students of the specialty "Management", the Department of Management and Marketing of the High School of Economics and Business of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, took part in an annual student online Olympiad on project management "Kvazar" organized by the Project Management Evaluation and Development Center and the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation. The head is senior lecturer, MBA Zhumagazieva A.G. Students received certificates of participation in the Olympiad and 3 online lectures "Tools Office 365 and Project Online for project management".


Senior Lecturer Zhumagazieva A.G.

Department of Management and Marketing 





"The newest improvements in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution"

Nowadays, the world is witnessing the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the period of transformation in technological, economic and social spheres. This  missive will help you to realize  how to make adaptation and finding the way to success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution world.

A round table on the theme "New opportunities for development in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution " was held with students of the 3rd coursespecialty "State and Local Government". During the round table, the students discussed the content, significance and effectiveness of the tencommitments of the  revolution. Students focused their attention on the task of"Human capital is the basis of modernization". During the  meeting, reports were made and discussions took place aboutthe newest improvements in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Doctor of Economics, professor, academician Shedenov U.K




Zhаken Nurkhan took the 2nd place in the international scientific conference of students and young scientists "FARABI ӘLEMI", taking an active part with his report «Pragmatic concepts for the Republic of Kazakhstan from other countries in the digital economy»




April 12, 2018. Students of the 4th year of the specialty management are ready to submit reports on production practice. A special group, all students are well-bred, responsible and well learn!

In the current 2017-2018 academic year, Ardak Turginbayeva, the Doctor of Economics and professor of the Management and Marketing Department, has issued the manual “Management of changes in the organization”; designed for students, undergraduates and PhD students studying management.

The manual covers modern concepts of organizational change, models, methods and management tools. The research objective is to study the problems of organizational changes as the essence and classification of changes in the modern organization, the external environment of the organization, the strategic choice of changes, methods of combating resistance to changes in the organization, the concept of a self-learning organization, applying leadership in managing change, restructuring and reengineering business processes in corporate culture, etc. has been studied.

A feature of the manual is the combination of educational material with cases developed by the author on the basis of practical materials of well-known Kazakhstan companies. Also, for a better understanding of the material, there is a glossary of basic terms and questions for self-monitoring of knowledge at the end of each section for a better understanding of the material. The manual is presented in a variety of illustrations and graphs.

The author of this manual Ardak Turginbayeva has the author certificate №0067 received on 08.01.2018.






"School of Life"

One of the works that characterized the life of the Kazakh people in the nineteenth century is the "School of Life" by Sabit Mukanov. The main character in the work is the author himself, he actively participates in the events, and in the meanwhile he is talking about excitement and trembling. This book broadly describes the people's lives, in general, in the most extravagant and inexplicable manner, and accurately describes tradition, customs and traditions.

Within the framework of the project "100 books" the event was held with the students of the 3rd course "State and local administration" to discuss the essay "School of Life". During the event, the students read reports on Sabit Mukanov's life and work and presented his episode "School of Life". In the course of the event, students not only acquainted themselves with the writer's work, but also demonstrated their talents to the teachers and students.

Doctor of Economics, professor, academician Shedenov U.K




A wonderful day in the walls of KazATK


On the 11th of the fourth month, the second final stage of the annual subject Republican Olympiad among students and 3 courses of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the walls of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshpayev.Since this event was held not only to test knowledge in the field of profiling subjects, but also to get acquainted with the practical base of KazATK, the administration arranged an excursion for the participants on the Academy itself and their laboratories. Sensations can not be conveyed in words: one can learn from books, and one can see with your own eyes what is likely to be encountered in the workplace - something quite different. This kind of pastime was in favor of everyone not only with this perspective, because the students found new acquaintances. Despite the fact that it was an Olympiad, the guys showed friendliness, exchanging pleasantries and knowledge during lengthy conversations. Students from our alma mater showed a decent result, considering that this was their first experience in a competition of this magnitude. As they say "The main thing is not victory, but participation." Moreover, if participation gives not only a certificate, but also unforgettable feelings, new friends and a lot of pleasant emotions!And we thank the department "Marketing and Management" in the person of the scientific adviser Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department Imanbekov M.A. the way it prepared us and gave direction to the Olympics 


A new book has been published

In higher education institutions, providing students with textbooks in the state language is not on the best level. The collective of professors and teachers of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is increasingly active to compensate for this omission.

Recently, another book, "Spending management" in the state language was presented and published in the publishing house "Kazakh University". Spending management - a tool to achieve high economic results in any area.

This book is intended for economic specialties students and undergraduates, doctoral students, teachers of higher educational institutions, as well as professionals who want to improve their skills in management.


International Exhibition "Education and Career"


April 5-7, the international exhibition "Education and Career" was held in the Atakent Exhibition Complex. By specialties management, state and local management, marketing and logistics, the consultation was conducted by the teacher of the department "Management and Marketing" Rysbaeva B.B.

Role of logistics in modern conditions

On March 31, senior teachers of the department "Management and marketing" Malikova RM, Abdikul Sh.N., Orazymbetova A.Sh. organized a round table discussion on "Role of logistics in modern conditions" among 3rd year students of "Logistics" group.
The roundtable discussed the development and role of logistics in the development of modern technologies. Students were able to express their point of view in their reports in this regard. The reports highlighted the development of logistics in the last five years.

Winners of the Republican Student Olympiad

On March 29, 2018 the Department of Management and Marketing conducted the X Republican student subject Olympiad on the specialty "State and local administration" under the motto "Innovative ideas - the path to success". In this team competition for the protection of innovative ideas in the field of state and local government, whose goal is to identify and develop the creative abilities and innovative potential of young people, the students of the above-named specialty of the KazNU named after Al-Farabi.

Participation in subject Olympiads provide an opportunity for students to show their scientific and creative knowledge, develop creative abilities, analyze, defend their point of view, present their innovative ideas, work in a team.

Republican Student Olympiad in the KazNU named after Al-Farabi was held in two stages. In total, 27 applications from different universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan were submitted for participation in the 5th Republican student subject Olympiad in the specialty "5В051000 - State and local administration", 7 teams from 6 universities took part in the second round of the Olympiad. It is pleasant to note that the students of the specialty "State and local administration" of the High School of Economics and Business, who represented KazNU named after Al-Farabi in a worthy manner in this intellectual contest, were among the winners. So, the first place was taken by the team "Congress" (KazNU named after al-Farabi), who demonstrated the innovative project "Skriptum". The second place was awarded to the team "THE MILLENIALS" (KazNU named after al-Farabi), who spoke with the innovative project "Innovative carousel parking".

Congratulations to the winners and scientific leaders, we wish all participants further success!


 Senior Lecturer Esenzhygytova Raygul,

"Management and Marketing" Department  


On March 29, 2018 at the "Management and marketing" department of Al-Farabi KazNU HSE faculty was held X Republican subject Olympiad in marketing! Participants from all over Kazakhstan presented their innovative ideas and proved to be the best! While students were waiting for the results, the 1st course "Marketing" master candidates organized a game "7 Secret commercials" among the participants, where the teams had to announce an unprecedented advertising rollers and define a unique selling point! Handled everything with a Bang!   

Senior lector of deparment "Management and marketing" Beyzhanova A.T.

The Publishing House "Kazakh University" published a monograph of the senior lecturer of the Department of Management and Marketing of Al-Farabi Kazakh University S.K. Jumambayev

 "Precarization of employment: theoretical and methodological aspects and Kazakhstan practice" in the volume of 188 p.

The monograph deals with actual theoretical and methodological problems of non-standard work. The analysis of employment of the population is carried out. The characteristic of non-standard work is given in connection with modern social and labor relations. The measures to prevent the instability of employment in the development of social policies are justified.

The article presents the results of the author's research on the quantitative assessment of the level and scale of precarization of employment in Kazakhstan on the basis of various criteria.

Of particular interest among readers can be raised by the issues of precarization of employment as a practical problem in the context of Kazakhstan's accession to the 30 most highly developed countries in the world. Recommendations are given on the development of a program to combat precarization of employment based on the choice of criteria for the dynamic development of the economy of Kazakhstan.


Head of the Department of Management and Marketing, Doctor of Economics, Professor Mukhtarova K.S. conducted classes in English at Middlesex University on the topic of Management of Projects to UK students.


On March 2, 2018, the students of the «Marketing» specialty of the "Management and Marketing" Department became the winners of the final round of the III International competition of student scientific works in the field of marketing and sociological research "ZhasZerde", organized by KAPRPOM and "Almaty Management University", whose official sponsors are leading companies such as "SANGE", "BRIF", "GFK", "BISAM" and others. The contest contributed to the development of creative abilities, information and non-standard solutions retrieval.Students learned to operate in conditions of limited time and resources. They were keen on creative ideas, teamwork.And this all brought its results - students of the 2nd year of the specialty "Marketing" Son A., Em D., Gajiyev R., Zhumash M., Abdulin A., Zhanaydarova M. took the first place in the section "Sociological Research" and became holders of the money prize of 150 thousand tenge; 3-year student of the specialty "Marketing" Berdybay J., took the II place in the section "Marketing Research" (also the owner of the premium in 100 thousand tenge).The scientific advisers of the teams are c.e.s., Associate Professor Kozhamkulova Zh.T. and teacher Shurenov N.B. Congratulating the winners and their scientific advisers, we wish them new victories in scientific competitions! 



Amangeldiyev Azamat is a student of KazNU higher school of economics and business. In period from 1.03.2018 to 12.03.2018 VII winer universiade was in Pavlodar. He participated in sport competition “power lifting” and became the champion in his weight category. There were 14 universities from different regions of Ka


«Science, business, innovation. Who's in charge?» 

 The science. Business. Innovations ... Under the slogan was a meeting of young scientists. It is obvious that in the modern world the influence of science on all spheres of human life is extremely great. This concerns everyday life, production, economy, politics, ideology. In the modern world, innovations are becoming of strategic importance for increasing the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the national economy.Our main idea is that all representatives of science, business, innovation, the state should communicate more often. The participants of the round table told that, in their opinion, what innovations are of interest to business and whether investors are ready to invest in high technology projects. And also who is the first who should start a dialogue - business or scientists.





On the 22nd of February the senior lecturers of the department "Management and Marketing" R.M. Malikova, S.N. Abdikul, А.S. Orasymbetova held the event "True poetry from the truth" with third-year students of the specialty "Marketing" within the framework of the project "100 books". The event was dedicated to the great Kazakh poet Mukagali Makatayev.






February 17, 2018 a group of students and teachers of the Department of Management and Marketing visited the International Interactive Exhibition "ECOMATION - LEARNING FROM NATURE". The exposition of the exhibition is presented in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and organized jointly with the Goethe-Institute of Almaty. It has already passed and is positively evaluated in the countries of Europe, Russia, Georgia, Belarus and is currently available to all Almaty residents.

The exhibition is devoted to four elements - EARTH, FIRE, AIR and WATER and certainly expands the horizon and allows you to learn a lot about interesting about our planet.

It is also gratifying that the exhibition not only presents amazing facts, but also appeals to visitors, with an appeal for active participation in preserving the environment. She illustrates the positive and negative aspects of human interaction with nature, encourages everyone to think about their role in its restoration and preservation.

Especially a lot of time we were happy to spend on participating in blitz polls and quizzes. Many have been fascinated by experimental experiments, online games, cognitive videos that encourage everyone to think about their attitude to the environment and learn how to help preserve it.

The exhibition will last until March 11. Havetimetovisit.



Т.S. Sokira





17 December. 2017 year, Medeo. Instead of students with a 4-year specialty Management in the framework of the project "A healthy body in a healthy spirit" went to Medeo and very interesting time!


Professional development

The main task is to increase the professional and qualitative level of teachers according to modern requirements. Lecturers of the department "Management and marketing" Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Imanbekova MA, senior teachers Abdikul Sh.N., Orazymbetova A.Sh. Participated in the seminar "Risk Management in Logistics" at Turan University. At the seminar, presentations and reports on risk management in logistics were discussed.


On December 6, 2017, within the framework of the Ainalady Nyrlandyr project, the teachers of the Management and Marketing Department Mukhtarov KS, Ametova Zh.A., Aubakirov AA, Kunanbaeva DA, Kupeshova ST, Zhumagazieva A .G., Beijanova AT, Unerbaeva RU, Asanova AD, Tynabekova GN together with the students of the specialty "Management" conducted an intellectual contest "Bolashak basarushylar keshi".

The competition was attended by students 1,2,3 and 4 courses, as well as teachers of the department. Within the framework of the event there were various intellectual contests and logical questions. Guests of the evening were able to participate in the competitions. Students from different courses became closer and responded like a real close-knit team. Students after participating in the event received a sea of ​​emotions and positive impressions. It should be noted that such projects as "Bolashak basharushylar keshi" educate the team spirit of students and broaden their horizons, also help to show themselves from different sides.



December 5, 2017, students of the 4th year of the specialty "State and Local Administration" and the adviser of the group Zhumagaziev AG. organized a festive event "GimUSow". The purpose of the event was to analyze the achievements of the group over the past four years, to thank teachers for their knowledge and to hear feedback from students about the educational process through an open dialogue.
During the event, students expressed gratitude for the unforgettable moments of students' life and four-year training. Achievements of students in art were also mentioned. The audience was impressed by the spectacular views of the evening, which included interesting questions, good humor and fun games. All the students of the group were interested in this event. Collective work, common goals and the need for genuine friendship have a great impact on graduating students and on their reliability in life.


"Aқtastāy Ahiko"

November 17, 2017 - Higher School of Management, Department of Management and Marketing, 1st year students of the specialty "Logistics" with the group's advisor, senior teacher Malikova RM visited the theater named after M.Auezov within the framework of the project "Ainaladınörlandir" drama-performance "Aқtastāy Ahiko".

The event of the play is the fate of the Japanese youth TetsuroAhiko. The young man Ahiko was arrested at 15, he served ten years in Karlage, 10 years in a vicious circle.He was released from the camp, he remained alive and returned to life thanks to the care of the Kazakh mother.When everything calmed down, he was invited to his homeland, he could not stay there and returned to Kazakhstan.

The fate of AhikoTetsuro is the fate of thousands of people in the Stalin era, who were brought innocently to the camps, people of different nationalities who were relocated to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a state of friendship, where there is a moral and high spirit.

The tragedy of Karlag on the Kazakh stage is for the first time devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence.The students were impressed by this drama.


Senior Lecturer Malikova R.M.,

"Management and Marketing" Department 






October 27, 2017. In the dormitory 16 within the project "100 kits", together with the students of the 4th year of the specialty Management, an event for the exchange of books was organized. The students spoke about their favorite books, about the creativity of poets and writers, and exchanged books at the end of an interesting conversation.


September 9, 2017 in the Higher School of Economics and Business KazNU named after al-Farabi hosted a lecture by the President of the Union Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tsekhovoi A.F. on the topic "Business and consulting - together or beside". The 3-hour lecture began with an opening speech by the head of the department "Management and Marketing", Doctor of Economics, Professor Mukhtarova K.S. The lecture was devoted to the concept of Consulting in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The part of students and undergraduates after the presentation of Professor Tsekhovoi A.F. decided to work in the field of project management: his presentation was so impressed!



On the last Saturday of May in KazNU. Al-Farabi passed the traditional Alumni Day. On this day, graduates of different generations met for the first time at the Arc de Triomphe of students and graduates of "Mogilik El", erected on September 1, 2016 on the principles of public-private partnership and the laying of flowers on the monument to the great thinker of the East Abu Nasir al-Farabi and the monument to Academician U.A. Zholdasbekov, erected by the Alumni Association with the participation of the graduates of the department "Management and Marketing"

The graduates of the department "Management and Marketing" - representatives of state structures, scientific community, business community, teachers and graduate students took part in the celebration.


On March 31, 2017, the Department of Management and Marketing held the 9th subject Olympiad on the 3rd specialties "State and local administration", "Management" and "Marketing" on the topic: "Innovative idea is the way to success" More than 100 students from almost all leading universities of the country participated in the Olympiad. The Olympics began with an opening speech by the head of the department "Management and Marketing", Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Mukhtarova KS.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the first places were given to 3 participants, the second places - 6, and 9 participants were worth 3 places. In the team classification the first places in all specialties took KazNU. Al-Farabi. All participants in intellectual contests and leaders were awarded with special diplomas. Students from different parts of the country got acquainted with the sights of our university, visited the museum and innovative centers.