Abu Nasr al-Farabi

In connection with declaration of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan a name of the great scientist, the great thinker and scholar, «the Second teacher» East – Abu nasr al-Farabi was assigned to the Kazakh state university named after Kirov оn October, 23rd, 1991.

Assignment of the name al-Farabi leading national university is of great importance for education of students and all youth in spirit of fidelity to the Native land on examples of history and culture of our ancestors. Al-Farabi is the native of the Kazakhstan ground He has written the works in Turkic, Arabian and Persian languages. The name al-Farabi has taken his place in the world of history , science and culture. His works, have rendered dramatic influence not only on progress of Turkish and Kazakh philosophy, but built the bridge for rapproachement of cultures of the West and the East.

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Altayev J. al-Farabi: The history and modernity.pdf