Educational Programs

The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics carries out training in the following specialties:

1. On the bachelor:

5B070200 Automation and control

5B070400 Computer hardware and software

5B060200 Informatics

5B070300 Information system

5B074600 Space engineering and technology

5B060100 Math

5B070500 Mathematical and computer modeling

5B060300 Mechanics

2. On the master:

6M070200 Automation and control

6M070400 Computer hardware and software

6M070400 Computer hardware and software(Sri)

6M060200 Informatics

6M060200 Informatics (NII)

6M070300 Information system

6M070300 Information system

6M074600 Space engineering and technology

6M060100 Math

6M060100 Mathematics(NII)

6M070500 Mathematical modeling and computer simulation (Institute)

6M070500 Mathematical and computer modeling

6M060300 Mechanics

6M100200 Information security system

6M100200 Information security systems (NII)

3. In doctoral studies:

 6D070200 Automation and control

 6D070200 Automation and management (Sri)

 6D070400 Computer hardware and software

 6D070400 Computer hardware and software(Sri)

 6D060200 Informatics

 6D075100 Computer science, computer engineering and management

 6D070300 Information system

 6D074600 Space engineering and technology

 6D060100 Math

 6D060100 Mathematics(NII)

 6D070500 Mathematical modeling and computer simulation (Institute)

 6D070500 Mathematical and computer modeling

 6D060300 Mechanics

 6D060300 Mechanics(NII)

 6D100200 Information security system

 6D100200 Information security systems (NII)