Awards and achievements of chair



Best Student of the Chair

  • In 2009,1st yearmaster cource student Tileuberdi E. took 3rd place in the Republican contest of the MES for the best scientific student work in chemistry. Scientific supervisor is Dr. Professor Ye.K. Ongarbaev
  • In 2014 (23 octabromo) in the project competition for young scientists dedicated to the 180th anniversary of D.I. Mendeleev PhD student of Chair of chemical Physics and Materials Science, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of theAl-FarabiKazakh National University, Moldir Auelhankyzy won first prize. Scientific supervisor of Dr. Prof. Z.A. Mansurov.
In 2015.:PhD student Sadykov Bakhtyiar received 1st prize in the nomination "The best poster" on the topic "SHS-heat insulators based on the modified technogenic raw materials" at the International Symposium on SHS (Antalya, Turkey).
 On September 8, 2017, the company “Shell Kazakhstan” and the Association KAZENERGY within the framework of the IX Youth Forum, which was held within the framework of the XI Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY, named the winners of the competition STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE. The winner of the competition was the team of al-Farabi KazNU «Synergy», represented by students of the Chair of Chemical physics and material sciene B.Kaidar, D.Argimbayev, Z.Kurbanova, N.Teriukalova. The head of the team is G.T.Smagulova. The team presented a project entitled “Highly efficient solar collectors with a nanocarbon absorbent coating from a carbonized rice husk” and won a prize of 10,000 euros from Shell Kazakhstan. 
  Best teaching staff of the Chair

Doctor of chemical science,Prof. Z.A.Mansurov:

  • In 1992 .: Laureate of the State Prize of RK on science, technology and education.
  • In 2002 .: Laureate of state prize named after K.I. Satpayev
  • In 2007 .: awarded the Gold Medal of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 
  • In 2007 .: awarded the "Parasat" for the cited work in chemistry and ecology.
  • In 2013 .: awarded a gold medal A.Baitursynov by Association of Universities of Kazakhstan.
  • In 2014 .: awarded aAnnuversary Medal of "80 years of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University"
  • In 2016 .: awarded the medal "Hurmet"


Doctor of chemical science,Prof. S.H. Akhnazarov:

  • In 2007 .: Breastplate and a grant MES "The best teacher of high school - 2007".
  • In2013 .: awarded the Order of "Glory of Kazakhstan"



Doctor of chemical science,Prof. Ye.K. Ongarbaev:

  • In 2002 .:The winner of the Republican Youth prize "Daryn" in the category of "Science"
  • In 2013 .:AwardedDiploma and Medal of the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber 
  • In 2014 .:awarded the badge "Ybyray Altynsarin"


Ph.D., associate professor G.O. Tureshova:
  • In 2015 .: in "27" of August by the order of rector №292 was awarded the festive Medal of "Al-Farabi Kazakh National Universities80 years annversary" for her contribution to the development of the university
Doctor PhD Doszhanov E.O.
  • In 2009.: Winner of the Republican Youth Award "Zhastar" in the category "Best Young Scientist of the Year".
  • In 2013.: Fellow of the state scientific grant for talented young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • In 2014.: Winner in the category "Ecology of nature" International Competition "Best Young Scientist of Eurasia"
  • In 2017.: Fellow of the state scientific grant for talented young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Doctor of chemical science, Prof. R.G. Abdulkarimova:

  • In 2018 .: 
  • Breastplate and a grant MES "The best teacher of high school - 2018".

The famous Kazakh scientist-chemist, Prof. KazNU, Zulhair Mansurov was awarded the UNESCO medal "For his contribution to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology." The award ceremony took place on 22th of November  at the Organization’s headquarters in Paris.
The medal was established by the UNESCO General Director in 2010 and is awarded annually to outstanding scientists and organizations who have made significant contributions to the progress of world science in these areas. So, in particular, the Kazakhstan scientist was awarded "for his contribution to the development of technologies for the production of nanocarbon materials, the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and graphenes in the combustion mode."
In his reply, after awarding the award, Z. Mansurov thanked UNESCO for the high appreciation of his research and stressed that “the achievements of Kazakhstan science are largely related to the fact that today our scientists, and especially young people, have all the opportunities for close cooperation with leading research centers of the world ”, adding that considerable merit in this belongs to the systemic reforms in the country, initiated by the Head of our state.
This year, the awards were also awarded to nine colleagues of Z. Mansurov, representing such countries as Russia, France, Australia, Finland, Austria, Greece, Egypt, and the USA. Among the spheres of practical application of their scientific developments are electronics, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, instrument making, medicine, materials science, and many others.
Among those awarded this prestigious medal earlier are the Nobel Prize in Physics, Isamu Akasaki and Zhores Alferov, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chunli Bai.