75th anniversary of S.A. Aisagaliev

Dear colleagues and students!

We invite you to the solemn meeting devoted to the 75th anniversary of SA Aysagaliev and the 60th birthday of M.Dauylbaev.

Venue and time: Yellow Hall, 14.11.2017, 14.00

Organizers: Department of Differential Equations and Control Theory.


Аisagaliev Serikbay Abdigalievich was born on November 8, 1942 in Shubalan village,Dzhangeldy district of Kostanay state.He graduated the faculty of physics and technology of Chelyabinsk Polytechnic university,he got his Math education in A.M.Gorky Uralsk State University (Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1966).Since 1966 till 1972 he was occupied in South-Uralsk State University working as Juniorresearcher, Head Engineer, Senior lecturer of «Automatic control of aircrafts», «highermathematics» department.Since 1972 he works in al- Farabi KazNU. In 1975 he has founded Department of ControlTheory and constantly headed this department till 2012. Now he is Professor of “Differentialequations and Control theory” department.In 1970 he defended his candidate thesis on «Certain methods of analysis of non- linearcontrol systems», and in 1978 his Doctor thesis «Methods of analysis and synthesis for non-linear automatic control systems» on specialty «01.01.11 – Systems theory, automatic controland regulation theory and system analysis» on Scientific Council of Moscow Bauman TechnicaluniversityIn 1992 he was rewarded the honorary title «Honored science worker of Republic ofKazakhstan», in 1979 - the academic degree of Doctor of technical science and the academicdegree of Professor .In 1995 Aisagaliev S.A was chosen as acting member (Academician) of The internationalAcademy of Informatization; in 1996 – as acting member (academician) of the Academy ofSciences of higher school of Kazakhstan.The main scientific directions: Control theory of dynamical systems; constructive theory ofboundary-value problems of optimal control; absolute stability, control and optimal control ofregulated systems; global asymptotic stability, control and optimal control of dynamical systemswith cylindric phased space; Fredgolm's integral equation of the first kind and it’s application tocontrol of heat and diffusion processes.He has prepared more than 30 PhD degreed specialists of Physics and Math science, 12 ofthem are now Doctors of Science.Development of Mathematics theory of controlled processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan isconnected with scientific work of professor Aisagaliev. He has created scientific school ofMathematical control theory.Scientific and public merits of Academician Aisagaliev is rewarded with USSR Medal “forLabour Valour” by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, chest sign «High achiever of highereducation» of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of USSR. In 1996 he wasawarded by the international prize of the Soros-Kazakhstan. He is also the winner of the awardnamed after K.I. Satpayev in science (1998), the winner of the prize named after A. Baitursynovfor the fruitful work in the writing of new textbooks that meet modern standards of education(2000), the owner of the state grant «the Best teacher of University» (2005).Serikbai Abdygalievich is a reliable friend, experienced youth mentor, faithful spouse andgood father. His spouse, Nagima Gumarovna has graduated South-Ural state university, andAbay Kazakh pedagogical university, worked as a teacher, now she is on well-deservedretirement. Daughter, Sofiya, (c.ph.-m.sc.), is now working in the Committee on Financialmonitoring of the Ministry of Finance of RK. Grandchildren, Zhanibek Aisagaliev is a student ofEast China Univeristy (Shanghai) . Professor Aisagaliev has published more than 230 scientificworks (35 of them are in international journals with impact factors) 16 monographies. He is anauthor of 10 student books (4 of them are in russian, 2 – in kazakh and 3 – in english).

The key publications

I Scientific works published abroad in journals with impact factors by ThomsonReuters / Scopus

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Publication date :  11/12/2017