100 books. Diuani Hikmet.

November 11, 2015, students of the second year of a specialty "Philosophy" under the "100 books" discussed the work "Diuani-Hikmet" by Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The report about the moral content of this work was made by undergraduate 2nd year Meirmanov A.D. He realized the hermeneutic analysis of "Diuani Hikmet" Koja Ahmet Yasawi, opened figurative and symbolic meaning terms and specific examples showed that the basic meaning of characteristic historical and spiritual heritage of Yasawi, is the direction of a person to achieve spiritual perfection. Students who participated in the discussion of the great creations of the Turkish thinker, drew attention to his deep-didactic didactic sense, the ability to show an example of ethics in the artistic conception, enriching the aesthetic component of literary and cultural monuments.

Organizers of the event: the head of pedagogical practice, Head of the Department of Philosophy Nurusheva G.Zh, Deputy Head of the Department Amirkulova J.A., Senior Adviser of Department of Philosophy Barakbaeva T.A., undergraduate Meirmanov A.D.

Publication date :  11/22/2015