Chair history


 The Department of Health Policy and Management of the Medical Faculty- HSPH was established in June 2016. The aim was training and providing a knowledge to the specialists in the field of public health professional development courses for the head authorities of clinics and agencies in the area of management, marketing, economics and pharmacy in the context of health reform.

The department provides the special courses on management in the field of public health for masters. These disciplines study the issues of management, economics, quality management and legal support for the work of medical organizations.

The department teachers have many years of experience in research and scientific areas in the field of health management and economics. For many years they have collaborated with international organizations, the Ministry of Health, regional and city health departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The head of the department is Professor Kapanova Gulnara Zhambaevna, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Department employees actively work in all areas: educational and research, consulting and expert activities in health management, public health, health promotion and disease prevention, management psychology, economic analysis of public health programs, management of scientific research projects, issues of strategic planning, etc. They are Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Haydarova Togzhan Safarzhanovna; Candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor Kalmakhanov Sundetgali Berkinuly; Candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor Sarybaeva Gulya Kuantayevna; Candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor Baigonova Kaini Sagymbayevna; candidate of law, Associate Professor Maulenova Bakhyt Nusifovna. In 2017 the department opened new directions for magistracy: Psychology in health care and law in the field of health care. According to the results of the rating of the university departments, according to the indicative plan in 2017, our department took the first place in KazNU. The department provides the professional development courses for specialists and retraining of personnel on short, medium and long-term programs.

The main modules of the department are:

-Policy and management in the health system;

-Administrative management;

-Economy and health financing;

-Marketing and quality management of medical services;

-Psychology in the organizations of primary health care;

- Psychology in socially significant diseases;

-Psychology in organizations providing psychiatric and narcological assistance;

- Legal regulation in the health care system;

-State legal management in the health care system;

- Legal basis for the quality and safety of medical care;

-Management and marketing in public health;

-Health organization and management;

- Organization and management of primary health care;

-Management in nursing;

- Legislation in health care;


-Organizational behavior;

-Economics of public health;

-Financial management in public health;

-Quality management in healthcare, accreditation internal audit;

-Marketing relations in health care;

 -Introduction to the public health;

-Technology of health promotion;

-Development of socially oriented primary health care;

-Bases of social work;

-Organization of medical care for children and women;

-Health of teenagers;

-The questions of bioethics;

- Research projects in the public health;

-Psychology of health and psych diagnostics;

-Sociology of health and disease;

-Evaluation of health effects;

-Culture and health;

-Social science and medicine;

-Social determinants of health;

-Prevention of injuries and strengthening of safety;

-Politics of health in modern society;

-Quality research methods;

-Quality research methods in public health;

-Actual issues of medical and social expertise.


At present time, we have 63 master-students studying at the department.