Awards and achievements of chair

Department of Biomedical Statistics and Evidence-Based Medicine in the 2016-2017 academic year in the ranking of departments and faculties of KazNU named after al-Farabi in productivity entered the top-20 among the departments of the university, taking 15th place in terms of total activities, 6th place - -methodical work, 22-nd place - on scientific research work.







Romanova Zhanna Vitalevna
Breastplates: "Excellence in Health"
Category: doctor of the highest category
Diplomas: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Membership in various organizations and cooperation: member of the working group on the "Harmonization of Sanitary and Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements" at the Advisory Committee on Technical Regulation, Application of Sanitary, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Measures from the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission


Duspanova Anara Turezhanovna
Diploma: " Best young scientist of KazNU named        after al-Farabi"




Raushanova Aizhan Muratovna
Methodological approaches to studying the effect of working memory training in students to improve working memory"
advanced training in various subjects of the specialty "Public Health"
Diploma: "Competition of young scientists KazNMU named after SD Asfendiyarov. 1 st place»


Aliyeva Yaliyeva Aliyeva
Diplomas: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan


   Vinnikov Denis Vladimirovich
Co-author of the first textbook for students of medical universities in Central Asia on evidence-based medicine "Evidence-based medical practice".
Membership in various organizations and cooperation: Member of the European Respiratory Society; a member of the International Society of Mining Medicine, a member of the Kyrgyz Asthma  Center; a member of the National Coalition of NGOs, institutions and professionals "For Kyrgyzstan, free from smoking!"; member of Globalink
Diplomas: Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic


Absatarova Karashash Seitomarovna
Diplomas: a letter of thanks of the Minister of Health of  the Republic of Kazakhstan




Aiman Kasymbekovna Ozhikenova
Republican Center for Development of e-Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Diplomas: the tournament "Introduction of Professional Liability Insurance of Medical Workers in Kazakhstan: Pros and Cons"



Gulmira Dulmuratovna Kuzieva
Certificate: on state registration of rights to the object of copyright "Model of comprehensive outpatient hospital property"; on the state registration of rights to the object of copyright "Models of the University Clinic"; on state registration of rights to the object of copyright "Model of comprehensive medical care (on  the example of public health in Almaty)


The Department of Biomedical Statistics and Evidence-Based Medicine in 2017 initiated the creation of the "Research Laboratory for Health and Environment" at the Department, which was established by the Order of the Rector of KazNU of 6 October 2017 No. 621.
Priority directions of the laboratory are:
• Systematization of existing research in the world with the formation of systematic reviews, meta-analyzes, meta-regressions, etc .;
• Conducting their own original research into the association "exposition-disease";
• Studying the impact of polluted air in populated areas and the work area on human health;
• Implementation of joint research projects with foreign partner universities (Medical Faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Public Health, University of California, Burke (USA), etc.).


The main tasks of the laboratory:
1. Conducting high-quality epidemiological studies of the impact of environmental factors on health and occupational factors, including primarily air pollutants.
2. Systematization of the currently available evidence base in the world scientific space on the impact of environmental factors and production factors through analysis and reviews with publication of the results.

3. Coordination of all scientific and research work of the public health school of KazNU by forming an intellectual center for the planning and implementation of clinical epidemiological studies.
4. Active introduction of modern principles of biostatistical analysis into the educational process and faculty training corresponding to the challenges of the new time and the requirements for a significant strengthening of the country's scientific potential and KazNU in particular.
5. Raising the rating and reputation of KazNU as the leading research institution of the country through the publication of the created intellectual product in the world's leading journals.

         Currently, the laboratory is equipped with the necessary analytical equipment for research.

To date, the laboratory in conjunction with the Department of Biomedical Statistics and evidence-based medicine conducted benchmarking studies "study of lifestyle factors KNU students and their association with quality of life indicators." The questionnaire includes questions from the students food, sleep and rest mode, addictions (alcohol, smoking) was developed during the study, sports. The study surveyed more than 900 university students, the survey results are statistically processed and according to studies prepared 3 scientific articles that are currently on reviewing the international licensed journals with non-zero impact factor.