Social educational work

Name of event
9 "Cult of healthy body" 28.02.2016

"Cult of healthy body" 28 February 2016 of the program" healthy body Cult ", with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among students, advisers of the Department of biotechnology is guided by the motto:" a healthy body! "with his students staged a collective hike to the ice rink. Traveled to one of the most popular places for recreation among youth at Medeo. As it known sporty lifestyle is the key to health and positive mood. This campaign all happy. Vacation turned out to be wonderful. Guys got a lot of positive emotions and cheerfulness in all training week. Advisers Sadvakasova A.K., Akmuhanova N.R., Kirbaeva D.K.


Career Talks and Soft Skills



The faculty of biology and biotechnology invites female students to take participation in a very special event organized by Institute of Inter-national Education (USA) and TechWomen Programm.

In ecent called Career Talks and Soft Skills Workshops representatives from the leading IT and biotechnological companies (LinkedIn,

Yahoo, Symantec, Mozilla, Apple, Prysm and so on) in Cilicon Valley will share their unique knowledge about professional skills in STEM. 

There will be two different sessions dedicated to Building resume and interview skills and 

Social media marketing and professional networking.

Welcome you to auditorium 327 at 9.30 to 12.30 this Wednesday!


Actual problems of modern

biophysics and biomedicine 


April 15-16, 2016 Chair of Biophysics and Biomedicine of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of the Kazakh National University, dedicated

to the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan honored inventor of al- Farabi Kazakh National University holds an international conference, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor VM Inyushin on

"Actual problems of modern biophysics and biomedicine ."

Place of holding conference : Republic of Kazakhstan, Алматы, Kazakh national university of the name, faculty of biology and biotechnology, assembly hall № 2.

The program of conference envisages realization of the plenary and sectional meeting on next sections:

Section 1. Issues of the day of biophysics and biomedicine.

Section 2. Modern problems of chronobiologie and хрономедицины.

Section 3. Problems of ecology and experimental biology.

Official languages of conference : Kazakh, Russian, English

12 «Айналанды нұрландыр» 03.03.2016

3 March 2016g with the aim of greening the fifth floor Foyer of the hull, Faculty of biology and biotechnology, advisers of the Department of biotechnology along with the students organized the planting of potted plants. Plants, aptly chosen and placed with good taste,

create a psychologically correct, positively affect the mood of the people, give the room an original flavour, except this lesson room

floriculture is one of the types of creative leisure, possibility of simple and accessible tools to create a unique atmosphere.

Engaging students in this case is necessary because today particularly acute mankind is faced with the need

to change their attitude towards nature, the restructuring of all its activities, its organization in a manner consistent with environmental laws.

This cannot be achieved without a proper upbringing and education of the next generation, without the formation of ecological culture of the individual and society.

Advisers Sadvakasova A.K., Akmuhanova N.R., Kirbaeva D.K., Kistaubaeva A.S.



PCR diagnostics of hereditary pathologies

April 28, 2016, 12.30 pm, R. 323, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, hold a presentation of «Tree Gene» genetic laboratory in Almaty on "PCR diagnostics of hereditary pathologies". 

 Organizers: Kalimagambetov A.M., Dzhangalina E.D., Zhumabaeva B.A., Kolumbaeva S.Zh., Zhusupova A.I.