Scientific activity of faculty covers a wide range of subjects on all topical issues of history of Kazakhstan, world history, a historiography and a source study, archeologists, ethnology. Scientific research is closely connected with the main directions designated in state programs and in the message of the President of the Republic N. Nazarbayev. 

At faculty three research centers which have been created in 2013 in performances of the Protocol of an enlarged meeting of the Interdepartmental working group on studying of national history under the chairmanship of the State secretary of RK M. M. Tazhin and on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council TREASURY of al-Farabi continue the work.

1) Republican research center on studying traditional civilizations of Central Asia. The director of the center is the famous scientist researching history the drevnetyurkskikh of tribes, professor Omarbekov Talas Omarbekovich. The purpose of the center is development of scientific problems traditional civilizations of Central Asia on the basis of the historical and comparative analysis and new methodological approaches in the context of critical revaluation of knowledge of a world historiography.

2) Republican research center on studying of world history. The director of the center is the doctor of historical sciences, professor Honorary professor of the Goettingen university (Germany), the academician Zhumagulov Kalkaman of Tursynovich7 the Purpose of the Center is development of world history on the basis of modern methodological paradigms and tools, also display of a role and the place of the Turkic world and Kazakhstan in world-wide and historical process.

3) International laboratory "Geoarkheologiya". Head of laboratory candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Bekseitov Galymzhan. The purpose of laboratory is ispoltzovany varieties of methods of naturally scientific disciplines when studying and dating archaeological monuments and artifacts in the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia through a prism of world history on the basis of modern methodological paradigms and tools.

Besides, the won MAUN RK'S grant on fundamental projects is examples of the most effective research work of certain teachers. For 2016 the faculty has realized the 10th research the project, for total amount – 45 197 459 million.

In general, research activity of the faculty was carried out in the following priority directions:

• Scientific basic and applied researches on planned and initiative subjects;

• Scientific and organizational work on holding a conference at faculty and participation of teachers in the conferences organized and held out of university and abroad;

• Development of scientific communications with higher education institutions of the republic, and also scientific centers and educational institutions of the FSU and beyond;

• activation of participation of PPS in programs of grant and program and target public budgetary financing, hozdogovornykh projects.

• development of the international cooperation with the leading foreign scientific centers and universities for the purpose of participation of PPS in the international projects;

Improvement of quality of the conducted scientific research and to speed up work on the publication of results of researches in magazines with a nonzero impakt-factor and the Thompson Reuters and Scopus agencies entering the database.