About the university

University passport


Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Founding Year



Galimkair Mutanov

Certificates, Licenses 

The certificate of state re-registration of the legal entity dated from 25.01.1999

The certificate of state re-registration of the legal entity dated from 19.12.2001

The certificate of accreditation as the subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities dated from 22.08.2011

Management model

Corporate management: Supervisory board.

Meetings of the Supervisory board take place quarterly. According to the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from 18th August, 2014 #353.

The composition of the supervisory board consists of 10 people:

  1. The chairman - A. Sarinzhipov - Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

  2.  B. Sanzhar - the Chief of the department concerning a youth policy, akimat of Almaty city;

  3.  G. Mutanov - Rector, al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

  4.  G. Esim - Vice-president, Kazakhstan association of political science,

  5.  A. Baytasov - Chairman of the board of directors of JSC “Rauan Media Group”;

  6.  E. Ergozhin - The CEO of the JSC "Institute of chemical sciences named after A. Bekturov ”;

  7.  K. Naribayev - Vice-chairman of public and humanitarian separation of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan ;

  8.  E. Amanshayev - The president of JSC “Kazakhfilm named after Shaken Aymanov”;

  9.  M. Nauryzbayev - Director, Сenter of physical and chemical methods of researches and analysis;

  10.  M. Kalimoldayev - Acting CEO of the Project Leadership Team "Institute of Informatics and Control Problems" , Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



7 - scientific research institutes, 1 - scientific and technological park, 5 institutes, 30 scientific centers of a social and humanitarian profile, 14 - faculties, 62 – sub-faculties and 7 – departments.

Human resources were trained on 81 specialties of a bachelor degree, 84 master’s programs for 64 specialties of doctors of philosophy (PhD)



Land Area – 100 hectares, the area is - 335 928 sq.m, besides, on a territory of the Kyrgyz Republic there is a sports camp which is located by the Issyk-kul lake (the area of 17 hectares).

The property of the university:

  • 14 academic buildings

  •  16 student dormitories

  •  Student’s Palace

  •  Scientific library

  •  Food production facility, Internet center

  •  Sport complex and stadium

  •  “Keremet” student’s service center

  •  Sports and healthcamp on the Issyk-kul lake

  •  Agrobiostation (Janatalap)




2 000

International cooperation 

Today KazNU successfully cooperates with more than 400 largest universities from 25 countries, 340 contracts on cooperation with foreign science and education institutions: more than 20 contracts within Consortium/clubs/associations. 

Scientific achievements

The contribution of the KazNU to the general flow of the Kazakhstan publications on the Scopus Database for 2010-2014 made 14%. In the Web of Science Database a contribution of the al-Farabi KazNU to the general flow of the Kazakhstan publications for 2010-2014 at 14%. Every seventh rating publication from the Republic of Kazakhstan is a contributed by the university scientists, according to the international bases such as Thomson Reuters and Scopus.

Consolidated budget 

2014 - 21971787 kzt. Funding sources for 2011- 2014: Republican budget – 65%, extra budgetary resources – 19 %, public-private partnership– 3%, scientific research activity– 13%.



Al-Farabi av. 71

Almaty, 050040

Republic of Kazakhstan