Visa application

Registration of the Study Visa

Visa invitation

In case of successful passing of entrance examinations and submission to enrollment you need to issue an invitation to KazNU to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan for a study visa.

Upon receiving of an invitation to enter the RK, the university will send it to you. It takes at least 20 days for an invitation to be issued, so you must submit these documents to the university as early as possible.

There are two ways of issuing a study visa.

With contracts for training and without a contract for training.

If you are far from us and can conclude a contract with the university after arriving at the university, then:

Without the training contract.

1. Initially, a foreign student gets a visa for three months. In the future, we will extend it in the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They issue a multiple entry visa for one year, during which you can stay in Kazakhstan, travel and return back. After the end of this period, the visa must be renewed for 1 year and so on until the end of the training.

What documents are needed to receive a visa invitation visa for three months:

1. Copy of the main page of passport.

2. Payment of the deposit 10% of the total amount of tuition to the university account.

3. Fill in the Application Form Application form for visa.docx

4. Pay about 1500 tenge (0.5 MCI) (4.4 dollars) visa fee (Important: If you extend the visa in Kazakhstan, then for one year you will need about 72150 tenge (30 MCI) (212 dollars) visa fee )

With the training contract:

What documents are required to receive a visa for one year:

1. Concluding an agreement with university for training

2. Payment of the deposit 10% of the total amount of tuition to the university account.

3. Pay a visa fee -about 1500 tenge (0.5 MCI) (4.4 dollars).

4. Fill in the Visa Application Form Application form for visa.docx

Foreign students who have completed their studies at the preparatory faculty and passed the entrance examinations for the basic educational program do not need to return to their home countries to extend the study visa, this can be done in Kazakhstan.

Conclusion of the training contract

The contract for training in KazNU is formalized at the Department of International Relations after successful passing the entrance examinations and passing through the competition.