Club "Shapagat"

                                   The Student volunteer club «Shapagat»


                                           Мейірімділік – жүректен,

                                            Мейірімсіздік - білектен                                                       


 Aims of "Shapagat" SVC activities:

Ø drawing public attention to the problems of socially vulnerable segments of the population;

Ø the provision of charity care;

Ø development of students' civic consciousness;

Ø to promote the ideas of voluntary work for the benefit of society;

Ø involvement of students in solving socially important problems.

Tasks of activity of SVC "Shapagat":

Ø education of students' active civil position;

Ø formation of leadership, moral and ethical qualities, sense of patriotism;

Ø involvement of students in projects related to the provision of socio-psychological and socio-legal support to various groups of the population;

Ø support for students' initiatives in implementing preventive and awareness-raising programs;

Ø conduct and participation in activities aimed at supporting veterans, pensioners and children from orphanages.

Activities of "Shapagat" SVC is based on the principles of:

Ø volunteerism;

Ø openness;

Ø humanity;

Ø tolerance;

Ø priority of the rights and freedoms of a person.

Name of the event

Brief description

The date and venue of the event


Round tables:

1)“Spiritual revival is a big challenge for the young people”

2) Prevention of crimes3) Drug-free future

Consideration and discussion of reports



September 2017-May 2018


Al-Farabi KazNU, Faculty of Law



1) The nation who lost the language is the lost nation

2) Literature is the matter of honor

Objective: to improve the students logical and critical thinking; to develop students' public speaking skills; develop students' communication skills; widening students’ scope of mind.

September 2017 – May 2018

Al-Farabi KazNU, Faculty of Law


Meeting with children From orphanages in Almaty

Development of volunteering

Children’s Homes of


September 2017 – May 2018


Meeting with secondary school children in Almaty

Lecture on “””The Harm of Smoking”

November 2017

Al-Farabi KazNU, Faculty of Law


Meeting with practitioners

(1) prosecutors

The purpose of students' meetings with practitioners is to increase

effectiveness of training

process and quality training of specialists

September 2017-May 2018

Al-Farabi KazNU, Faculty of Law


Preparation of articles for publication

1) Volunteer activities of Al-Farabi KazNU students;

2) Development of volunteerism in Kazakhstan

3) The role of volunteering in crime prevention

4) Charitable activities of Al-Farabi KazNU students;

5) Negotiations as a basis for mediation;

6) History of the development of volunteering

April 2018

Al-Farabi KazNU, Faculty of Law