Zhanna Kalmatayeva


Zhanna Kalmatayeva


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, director of the High School of Public Health,

Academic Career



Doctor of Medical Sciences in Public Health, associated professor.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty


Research and development projects over the past five years


1.    Program-targeted, republican, scientific-technical program “Organizational, technological, educational and socio-psychological aspects of human resources policy development in the public health system of the RK”, cipher in the state list RK O.0417, state registration number 0107РК00231. Involved as executor.
2.    Program-targeted, republican, scientific-technical program “Scientific justification of techniques used in medical help provision to children in the RK”, responsible executor, head of co-executors
3.    Leadership development in health care of the RK. Joint collaboration with the European WHO Bureau. Elaboration of professional competences for healthcare leaders, organization of trainings for heads of the medical organizations.
4.    UNESCO project on bioethics specialists preparation in Kazakhstan and Central Asia (2015). 25 persons were trained. Joint program with Bangkong office of UNESCO
5.    “Security Roadmap” project, 2005-2007, 5 regions of RK, work with German Society of Technical Cooperation. The project was designed to elaborate safety behavior skills. 5000 adolescents were trained.
6.    Project “Improvement of the work on HIV/AIDS/STI/drug abusment of school psychologists, social workers and school inspectors with teens performing deviant behavior”, 2007, Almaty, financed by the World Bank. The project was adjusted and introduced the experience of foreign countries in school psychologists working with deviant adolscents. 50 psychologists were trained.



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