Zhazira Utepbergenova


Zhazira Utepbergenova



Senior Lecturer of the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy, Master of business administration

Academic Career

MBA degree

International Academy of Business, Almaty


clinical residency

Kazakh Medical Academy, Astana


graduate   degree Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty


Research and development projects over the past five years

- Scientific supervisor of projects:

Labor Organization nurses PHC(Scientific supervisor d.m.s., professor Zh.A. Kalmatayeva)



1. Utepbergenova Zh.M., Kalmatayeva Zh.А., Kalmakhanov S.K. The new formation of professional work of nurses primary care in Kazakhstan and the world.

Journal of Scientific - practical journal of the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov. - 2016. - № 1. - S.674-679. ISSN 2524 - 0692 (online)

2.Utepbergenova Zh.M. ,Kalmatayeva Zh.А., Mamyrbekova S.A. Satisfaction with nursing professional media organizations PHC Republic of Kazakhstan. Materials of the international scientific conference of students and young scientists "FARABI alemi" - Almaty, 2016. - S.113-117. ISBN 978-601-04-1888-2

3. Utepbergenova Zh.M., Koshkarova A.Practice-oriented approach to the construction of the educational process of nurses. Collection of materials of the international scientific-practical conference "Implementation of an integrated plan for the development of nursing in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 - the basis of the reform of nursing affairs of Kazakhstan" - Shymkent, 2016 - S.145-148

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