Self-supporting centers

Center for Space Technologies and Remote Sensing of the Earth (leaders:Faculty of Geography and Environmental Sciences - Kudaibergenov MK, Faculty of Mechanical Mathematics- Rakisheva ZB, Department of Mechanics) - the Center's activities are coordinated by representatives of the Department of Geodesy.

The training center at the Department of Mechanics (Department of Mechanics, head - Rakisheva ZB) - functions.
The Center provides the following educational services:
- Reading theoretical courses on fluid mechanics and gases; Kinematics and the basics of robot dynamics; On the basics of digital electronics; On the main components of CanSat.
- Training on Autodesk Inventor; Autodesk and Autocad with applications in engineering graphics;
- Conducting laboratory exercises in the English, Kazakh and Russian languages ​​at the courses "Fundamentals of Experimental Hydromechanics", "Experimental Hydraulics" and "Underground Hydrodynamics" in the Research Laboratory of Materials and Process Studies.
Those wishing to attend the preparatory courses for entering the magistracy and doctoral studies of KazNU in the specialties "Mechanics", "Space technology and technology."
The Center also provides the following scientific and innovative services for the execution, at the certified laboratory "Investigation of the mechanics of materials and processes", contractual and research works on the following topics: static tests (stretching, compression, bending, determining the Young's modulus, determining the Poisson's ratio, metallographic study For welded joints, analysis of the deformed state by the Vic3D system), macrosection of the welded joint (determination of hardness by weld zone), micro- uktury (determination of the size and shape of grains, defect detection, etc.)., laser cutting and engraving.

The consulting center of fundamental mathematics (the Department of Fundamental Mathematics, the head - Sikhov MB) - functions.
The subject of the Center's activity is consulting, consulting and other types of services in the following main areas:
- Consultation of students of other universities;
- preparation of schoolchildren for entrance examinations to universities;
- rendering consulting services for financial and other organizations;
- Conducting the courses for the preparation for the international examinations GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and others.
- training on the minimum compulsory training program for actuaries in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Center for Additional Professional Education (Department of Information Systems, Head - Dzhomartova Sh.A.) - functions.
The subject of the Center's activities is the provision of additional courses on ICT. The activity of the Center is based on the principle of self-sufficiency. Teachers of the center have undergone training in Europe. The curricula for two courses "Oracle Database Administrator" and "System Analyst" were developed.

Center for Olympic training "al-Farabi" (Information Systems Department, head - Kungozhin AM) - functions.
The center organizes and conducts both short-term courses, and regular classes, olympiads. Constantly held indicative consultations of secondary school students, various olympiads of city and international level on the basis of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty.

The Scientific and Educational Center "Information Security" of the Kaspersky Laboratory (Department of Information Systems, head - Musiralieva Sh.Zh.).
The main subject of the center's activity is training, consulting, scientific support, consulting in the field of information security. Services provided: seminars for students; Advanced training courses for teaching staff; Certification courses from Kaspersky Lab.

Center "ComputerScience" (Department of Informatics, head - Nazarbekova KT) - functions.
The main activity of the Center is the organization of seminars, trainings and courses to improve the skills of specialists.

HPC SOLUTIONS & SERVICES CENTER (MKM - Zhakebaev DB) - functions.

The main subject of the activity is conducting lectures and seminars on topical problems of high-performance computing, preparing students for olympiads, competitions of scientific works and also the development, organization and conduct of trainings, lectures, seminars, practical exercises, consultations, testing, examinations and translation into Kazakh of the proposed and developed methodological materials for the training of workers in high-performance computing. At the moment, announcements have been sent to higher educational institutions, such as Gumilev Eurasian National University, East Kazakhstan Technical University, Atyrau University and private universities, new courses are being developed related to the Shlumberger software packages for further suggestions for students at the Center's courses. Foreign specialists Dr. Kaplunov U.D,  Dr.-Ing. Matthias Meinke were invited on February 20-24, 2017 from Keele University (Great Britain), from University of Aachen (RWTH, Germany) for seminars and trainings.