Рухани жаңғыру


At the department of biotechnology, lecturers had a conversation with students of 1,2,3 year students in the framework of the «Rukhani zhangyru» program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev. The purpose of the event is to characterize the spiritual revival and revival of national values that stimulate patriotic consciousness, awaken the national consciousness of students, a sense of conscience, love, pride and respect for the younger generation, the national spirit. (Sydybekova RK, Berzhanova R.Zh., Mukasheva TD, Bektileuova NK, Omirbekova AA).


Participation of the University' Professors in the projects TEDx of the city of Almaty


On May 2018 on the basis the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of al-Farabi Kazakh National University by “Sunkar” Commercial Bureau was organized the TEDx projects of the city of Almaty. The project supported the program "Al-Farabi 4.0" initiated by the Rector of Al-Farabi KazNU professor Galimkair Mutanov and covered all spheres of Natural Sciences including biological sciences. 


Абай –Ұлы тұлға


At the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology an event called "Abai - a Great Man" was held. The aim of the event is to introduce students to the life of the great poet, to get acquainted with his works, read poetry, songs, help students express themselves. (Sydykbekova RK, Berzhanova R.Zh., Mukasheva TD, Bektileuova NK, Omirbekova AA)


Biotechnologies support multilingualism


A graduate of our Al-Farabi National University, Zharilkasymova Gulistan is studying English language course in USA to improve her English proficiency and skills because she needs a good English proficiency for becoming a good researcher and scientist. 


"Best student group – 2018”


Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, "Sunkar" students’ union of undergraduate and graduate students organised traditional event ”The Best Student Group - 2018”. The winners of the final stage of the project were students of the 2nd year of their studies who represented the Specialty of “scientific biology” of the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine, at Faculty of biology and biotechnology. Faculty adviser of winners is Atanbayeva Gulshat Kapalbayevna, candiate of biological sciences, senior lecturer. 
“The Best Students” of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University will have a trip to the capital city of Kazakstan - Astana in honour of its 20th anniversary.





At the al-Farabi Kazakh National University V Republican patriotic student forum "MEN ZHASTARҒA SENEMIN!" ("I believe in youth!") was organized. This forum is held every year among students in several areas and is dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This year, students of the biotechnology specialty of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology Zamanova Zere and Erbolekova Aigul took a part in the competition of innovative socially significant projects "My Real Contribution to the Innovative Development of the Country" and were awarded in nomination - Important valuable projects. Project supervisor Berzhanova R.Zh. (Sydykbekova RK, Berzhanova R.Zh., Mukasheva TD, Bektileeva NK, Omirbekova A.).