Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


Head of Department,

Bolatzhan Kumalakov


Address: av. al-Farabi,71 13building, 231 audience 

Specialties Automation and Control
Specialties 5B070200 "Automation and control", 6M070200-Automation and control ", 6D070200 -" Automation and control "bachelor in the direction of production in the field of automatic management of educational programs and technological processes aimed at preparing undergraduates and doctoral students.

Sphere of professional activity
Devices used to automate control in technical systems methods and graduates in the field of production, related to the processing of information, information and management, are made for work in the fields.

Objects of professional activity
The object of professional activity of various industries, automated information and control systems, systems for receiving, processing and transmitting data, information systems, automated control systems, technological processes.

Areas of training


Speciality code 


Term of tuition





Automation and Control

4 years






Automation and Control

2 years scientific-pedagogical, 1.5 years professional







Automation and Control

3 years



Specialty "Automation and management" is accredited by ASIIN agency.