Scientific projects and researches

2. Project Study of lifestyle factors of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University’s students and their associations with indicators of the quality of life.


Project participants:

1. Vinnikov Denis- acting associate professor;

2. Romanova Zhanna-head of the chair;

3. Dushpanova Anar- acting associate professor;

4. Absatarova Karashash- senior lecturer;

5. Utepbergenova Zhazira- senior lecturer.

Project results:

1. Original article. «Predictors of physical activity in Kazakhstan university students». Вестник КазНУ «Серия психология и социология» № 1 (64), 2018.

2. Original article. «Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition». Prevalence of supplement use in recreationally active Kazakhstan university students». SJR-0.574, IF-2.06


Research activity


Prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (together with the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan)