The cost of training

Tuition and additional expenses

Foreign students are admitted for training in KazNU. al-Farabi on a paid basis for the exclusion of students coming on the basis of intergovernmental agreements.

• Tuition for the academic year 2018-2019 for all specialties (excluding medicine) for bachelor's degree is 1.223.000 tenge (3607 dollars), for magistracy 2.041.000 tenge (6020 dollars) and for doctoral studies 2.438.000 tenge (7191 dollars).

• Preparatory course for Kazakh and Russian language from September 1 to May 30 (for programs implemented in Kazakh and Russian).

The cost of training for the preparatory course is 610,000 tenge ($ 1,601).

KazKI - Kazakh as a Foreign Language

RCT - Russian as a foreign language.

Also there are special courses of Kazakh and Russian. English courses are possible.

• The cost of accomodation in the student dormitory of KazNU is from 250 to 450 dollars per academic year, depending on the conditions of residence.

• Cost of medical certificate and HIV test (AIDS) is from 4500 tenge ($ 15)

• Visa fee is 1500 tenge (0.5 MCI) (4.4 dollars)

• The visa fee for visa extensions in Kazakhstan is about 72150 tenge (30 MCI) ($ 212)

You also have to pay for:

• Notarized translation of documents on education and passports - about 6000 tenge ($ 20)

Use of books in the university library is free of charge.

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