Medal of the world Universiade


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Medal of the world Universiade

Students of al-Farabi KazNU at the twenty-ninth Summer Universiade - 2017 in Taipei (Taiwan) won four medals. In the Universiade took part 7639 athletes from 142 countries.

Weightlifter, a second year student of the chair of physical education of sport Denis Ulanov brought a gold medal to the treasury of Kazakhstan team, defeated in a bitter struggle with opponents in the weight category up to 85 kg. "When I left for the competition I promised the University to bring the gold medal and I had no choice as to fulfill the promise," said the winner of the games.

Two medals brought the team Dmitry Balandin, silver in swimming at the distance of 200 m breaststroke, and bronze in the swim for 100 meters Silver medalist in the pole vault, by taking the 5.5 m high, became another KazNU student Sergey Grigoriev.

In al-Farabi KazNU is actively developing high-performance sports and physical culture movement, cultivated more than thirty kinds of sports. The club form of the workshops allows students to engage in physical activities and sports at their convenient time and with greater efficiency. KazNU students are winners and prize-winners of world Championships and Olympic games, various international and national competitions.