Familiarity with KazNU


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Al-Farabi KazNU held an orientation week for freshmen, during which the new students learned about the history, traditions and rules of the University.

For first-year students were organized tours of the campus, a lot of interesting things they learned in the museums of history of KazNU and al-Farabi, library. In addition, they familiarized themselves with the academic policies of KazNU, the Code of honour of students, provision of student, internal regulations, work and services of the student service centre "Keremet", registered and tested at the University’s medical center. Ahead of them are the leadership lectures in the faculties, with the participation of famous scholars and successful graduates of the University, a meeting with activists of student self-government, the presentation of University-wide social - innovation projects as "Al-Farabi university – smart city", "Ainalandy nurlandyr", "100 kitap", "KazNU green campus", "Cult of healthy body" and others.

The process of settlement of freshmen in dormitories, where the students have all conditions for successful learning and life, was completed. Curator-advisors of the groups will advise and provide them with necessary assistance in addressing emerging issues. In early September, the freshmen will participate in election of asset of student’s groups and faculties.


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