Familiarity with student activists


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At al-Farabi KazNU was an acquaintance of freshmen with student organizations of the University.  

Students were got acquainted with the main directions of the work of the University’s student organizations  by the volunteer movement “Komek”, student’s senat, scientific student’s society, supreme student’s council, student’s union “Sunkar, student’s bureau for the Bologna process and “Zhas Otan” youth wing.

The leaders of student associations told the students about the main directions of its activities: the protection and representation of rights and interests of students, creation of conditions for the development of a sense of social responsibility in young people, participation in solution of actual problems of society, the preservation and development of democratic traditions among students, assist governments in solving educational and scientific problems in the organization of educational process, as well as leisure and everyday life of students.

At the end of the fair, freshmen were urged to spend their leisure time, and join the ranks of activists of KazNU.

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