The effectiveness of criminal justice as a priority direction of development of modern law enforcement system


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A round table "The effectiveness of criminal justice as a priority direction of development of modern law enforcement system" was held       at al-Farabi KazNU with the participation of the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Mami.  

The participants of the round table  were  Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Talgat Donakov, Chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov, General  Prosecutor Zhakip Asanov, Chairman of the Civil Service Affairs and Anti- corruption Agency Kairat Kozhamzharov, as well as legal scholars, international experts, counsels, employees of public and human rights organizations.      

In his greeting speech, Kairat Mami said that over the years of Independence Kazakhstan proceedings has gradually moved away from the Soviet model of the criminal process.  Implementation of the new criminal procedure law and realization of the Plan of Nation have made it possible to ensure effective protection of citizens and decrease of the repressive nature of the criminal process.  

"However, the process of reforming the criminal procedure code (CPC) is continuing. This work is under special control of the President. Today  the main priorities of modernization of the criminal process are determined and  the work on the  draft law is currently being carried out", - said the Chairman of the Supreme Court.

Welcoming the guests and participants of the round table, KazNU rector Galym Mutanov noted the importance of this meeting to all Kazakhstan society and pointed out the  significance of the reforms in the sphere of constitutional legislation, judicial system, in the field of Prosecutor's supervision, which have already yielded  their first positive results.

"An important factor in the building of a legal state is fostering legal consciousness of our youth, which is largely formed on the walls of modern universities. And KazNU as the flagman of national education is  implementing a number of social projects in the  sphere of civil education of students in association with law enforcement agencies on the basis of social partnership", - said KazNU rector Galym Mutanov.

The next development of the domestic criminal justice indicates an orientation toward the best European models and the best foreign practice.  In the near future, serious changes are expected in the institutional building of bodies of preliminary investigation and inquiry. As part of the improvement of the Institute of judicial control it is expected to legislate the powers of the  court to sanction the  secret investigative actions. A significant innovation in the context of human rights is the reduction of detention time  of a person without a court order up to 48 hours.   A new reduced form of writ proceedings for criminal misconduct has been introduced. This has been  done on the basis of successful experience of Estonia,Germany and several other countries. The reform also focuses on the improvement the adversarial nature of the criminal process. During the work of the round table there was a constructive exchange of views on the forthcoming reforms. 


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