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The famous British publishing house "Glagoslav Publications" published a collection of poems "a shining light" of Galym Mutanov in English.

His poems translated and published in the Turkish, Azerbaijani, Farsi, Russian and Ukrainian languages are awarded with several international literary prizes and are getting increasingly popular among connoisseurs of literary works abroad. So, the world's largest American company "Amazon.com" is interested in the book "Shining Light" and posted it on it’s online store.

Information about the book is available at popular specialized bookstores and country-specific online portals, and professional judgments about the book were not long to wait.

The geography of positive responses is wide: from Eurasia to the United States and Canada. As rightly prominent Ukrainian poet, literary critic Vasily Slapchuk noted by Galymkair Mutanov continues very worthily the traditions of philosophical poetry develops in the modern style, wisely combining beautiful with useful, rational - irrational. Because his creativity is the desire not for the momentary whimsical fashion, whim, but benefit accommodation to eternity".

James Petrik, Ph.D. of University of Ohio /the USA/ believes that "Shining light" is "noteworthy literary achievement. The voice of the Galym Mutanov how deep the Kazakh is and deeply human, is his poems are in tune with the works of Abay in depth and selfless devotion in the expression of the Kazakh culture, and universal themes of human experience and emotions. I know I will return to this book again and again, especially when my soul needs a recharge. I enthusiastically recommend everyone to read it."

The book has already acquired an independent orbit, reflecting the light of the soul of the author, seeking answers to eternal questions of existence. The glow of truth warms the range of many readers and fans of the creativity of Galym Mutanov.


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