Al – Farabi KazNU introduced a University model 4.0


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Al – Farabi KazNU  introduced a University model 4.0

In an article "A look into the Future. Modernization of the  Public Consciousness" the President of the country N. Nazarbayev, speaking about the new global reality, stressed that "the Public Consciousness requires not only the elaboration of principles of modernization, but also specific projects that would allow to meet the challenges of the time." The academic community and universities took the great attention in this work.

Al-Farabi KazNU actively and responsibly involved in the process of implementation of the program "Bolashakka Badar: Rukhani Zhangyru" suggesting the concrete ideas and projects. In Minsk (Belarus) Galym Mutanov  - rector of the KazNU  introduced a new platform for the higher education institutions development  the “University model 4.0.”

The model was presented to a wide international scientific community at the VI meeting of the Working Commission on coordination of activity of scientific-educational consortium among higher education institutions and research institutes of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

According to the rector’s opinion  currently  the mission of a modern University cannot be limited  only by the training of qualified and competitive workforce, it is needed to be complemented by the development of the true citizens of their time and to combine  education, research, innovation - entrepreneurial and moral components.

Globalization and scientific - technological progress are rapidly changing the face of the modern world, science and technology and have become the driving forces of the civilization. In this regard, the modern technology should be controlled by  the mind, which is based on high spirituality and morality. Even Tsiolkovsky said "I do not recognize technological progress, if it exceeds the moral progress". The “University model 4.0”   proposed by G. Mutanov – KazNU’s rector is an new and innovative trend in the activities of universities on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution.

As the great thinker of the East Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, whom after the KazNU was named, wrote: "Knowledge without education, without moral principle can bring harm without any profit". The realization of this truth prompted the development of new University development model. KazNU conducts systematic work on spiritually-moral education of youth. The project "Al-Farabi University Smart City" is successfully implemented with a new mission, which is based on the symbiosis of innovative technology and moral platforms. The definite indication of this activity is the state program which was announced by the Head of the State concerning the change the of the nation consciousness in the frame of  new global realities and the development of civilization. This project contributes to the dynamic promotion of KazNU in the world rankings and allows to make the transition to a higher level of human capital development.

For the development of University spiritual and moral platform there is  in the framework of the smart University 4.0 the project "Green bridge through the generations" which is focused on the implementation of the initiative "Green bridge"and was  proposed at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly by the President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev. Placing this project at the UN conference RIO+20 the KazNU in collaboration with the leading universities of the world develops the mechanisms for the implementation of practical recommendations for the dissemination of ideology, information, and educational research programs for sustainable development.

At the XIV Forum of interregional cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan with participation of State  Haeds which was held on 9 November 2017 in Chelyabinsk the Declaration on the establishment of international educational and research consortium "Green bridge through generations" was sighned. The  consortium activity is aimed at uniting of the higher education community potential in  shaping the quality of human capital: a new generation of highly qualified professionals with high moral and ethical and civil installations, who is able to determine the orientations in the value systems of modern society, as a key factor for sustainable development.

Together with the UN Alliance of civilizations KazNU promotes the international project "Formation of Virtuous Society Citizens. The Mission of Modern Universities". The goal is to convey to the young generation the ideals of peace, goodness and justice. It is also based on the idea of Al-Farabi the virtuous society. University graduates, along with professional competence must be carriers and transmitters of high humanistic values, which will, as said Al-Farabi  " make the world virtuous".The new higher education platform of the XXI century  is the University model 4.0  which has caused the big interest of the participants and received the support of leading scientists and specialists.