Polylogue- marathon


Views: 1965


In the framework of the "Fundamentals of Journalism" workshop for young correspondents and reporters the acting associate professor of the Department of press and electronic media Assel Mussinova November 29 and 30 conducted a polylogue-marathon with the participation of 2nd year students of the Faculty of Journalism and High School Students in Almaty.

On the first day at the master class "Monologue, Dialogue and Polylogue in the Modern Media" senior students in a gameful form got acquainted with the basics of rhetoric, rules of dialogue and polylogue.

On the second day, the young correspondents and reporters took part in a three-hour polylogue-marathon, which took place within the framework of the "Language and Style of Modern Mass Communications" discipline at the 2nd course of the Russian department.Within three hours, two teams have worked out two main types of disputes: discussion and debate.

During the round tables "Domestic Violence Against Women" and "The Death Penalty: For or Against", a constructive discussion was held to find a common solution to the problem posed.

In the talk show "Reasonable dialogue" on "Kazakhstan. Use of nuclear energy" and in the talk show "The Fase Reality" on "Understand and forgive?" the debates were held with the use of effective speech tactics of the dispute.

The polylogue-marathon passed dynamically in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Acting Associate Professor

of the Department of Press and Electronic Media

 Mussinova Assel