A new era of growth


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The message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a logical continuation of the plan of implementation of the tasks of the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" on entering the top 30 developed countries.

As the President noted, today Kazakhstan society in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution and has 10 important tasks. In the age of total innovation, successive high-speed technology, it's important to meet the new realities of today. This is a new era of growth. In this context, is still relevant is to upgrade human capital, requiring higher quality characteristics.

This directly affected the education system. After all, today more than ever, high level of professionalism, and suggests a new level of social consciousness. Therefore, it is very important, as emphasized by the President, to raise the prestige of teachers. We are witnessing the development of technological platforms, smart city, digitization of educational space, development of new models of intelligent control are already being introduced at all levels of the education system. It is important for the successful decision of tasks in view is to further the care of the state of the social sphere. In this regard we will also continue work to increase the income of employees in education and Health. Action program in 2018, announced by the President in the Message is an important document defining the further development of our society, its strategic directions that will contribute to bringing about a sustainable and stable future for every citizen of Kazakhstan.