Nobel Laureate Invited Students of KazNU to His Laboratory


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The Nobel Prize winner Aziz Sancar held an open lecture at Al-Farabi KazNU and invited students to undergo an internship in his laboratory. The Turkish scientist-biochemist lives and works in the USA. Lectures of the owners of the prestigious award in KazNU has become a good tradition. This is the tenth Nobel Laureate, who delivered a speech at the country's leading University.

Opening the meeting, Rector of KazNU, Academician Galym Mutanov warmly welcomed and thanked the honored guest for agreeing to give a lecture. He acquainted the academic staff, PhD students and undergraduate students of the University with biography and scientific achievements of the scientist. «We are very proud for the opportunity to welcome the representative of the Turkic world, who has received world recognition for achievements in science, whose life is a vivid example for young scientists», - said the Rector of the University.

Turkish biochemist Aziz Sancar was born in 1946. He has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Istanbul, studied in the Master and postgraduate courses in Molecular Biology at the University of Texas. He has graduated postdoctoral studies at Yale University. Since 1982 he works at the University of North Carolina (USA). He is a winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize «For the study of DNA damage repair mechanisms».

Aziz Sancar told the audience about his scientific interests, creative search and his way to discoveries, as well as about the work of his scientific laboratory in the USA and the team of scientists with whom he conducts research.

Participants asked the eminent scientist their questions of interest, including the possibilities of using his discoveries in the field of biomedicine as well as in the fight against oncological diseases, to which he gave detailed answers.

The words of the scientist about the influence of the Turkic world in the development of world science were received with a special enthusiasm. «The Turkic world was the generator of many scientific knowledge and discoveries of mankind. In this regard, the contribution of your compatriot, the great thinker Al-Farabi, whose name is given to your University, is invaluable. Our common goal is to revive the former role of the Turkic world in the world evolution and development of advanced knowledge and science. I will be happy to see students from Kazakhstan in my laboratory», - pointed out Aziz Sancar.

«To achieve success in scientific work and in life in general, it is necessary to cultivate three qualities: creativity, diligence and consistency», - said the Nobel Laureate with words of farewell to the students. He also stressed that young scientists who received an education abroad should return to their Homeland and contribute to the science of their own country.

By the decision of the Academic Council of KazNU, the scientist was awarded with the title of «Honorary Doctor of Al-Farabi KazNU» for outstanding contribution to science and education, he was also accepted into the International Friends Club of the University. During the visit the guest got acquainted with the University campus, visited SSC «Keremet», Museums and Library of KazNU.