Oxford gets closer


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Strengthening cooperation between Al-Farabi KazNU and Oxford University (the UK) in the field of education and science in the coming academic year.

During the visit of Academician Galym Mutanov, the Rector of Al-Farabi KazNU to Oxford University the possible areas of further cooperation and common interests in the field of education and science were discussed and agreed upon. The meeting has been a good step to develop further constructive dialogue between the Rector and scientists, faculty members and representatives of the administration of Oxford University. Specifically, the Parties expressed interest in further deepening bilateral partnership and discussed the possibilities that it entails in educational activities and in the implementation of joint scientific research. With the aim of training highly qualified specialists, the best postgraduate and research students of KazNU will have the opportunity to be taught on joint educational programme “Introduction to Science” at Oxford University.

In addition, English colleagues will provide laboratories for research and projects to be jointly conducted with professors from KazNU in the fields of geography, history, nuclear physics, etc. Such form of collaboration between two universities has already been established.

In April this year, KazNU and Oxford University jointly held an international scientific conference entitled “Arid Lands: Environmental and Social Sustainability”, dedicated to the current problems of sustainable development of arid lands in the central part of Eurasia. The event was highly appreciated by foreign scholars and experts, who noted its practical and scientific value.

As we are all aware, Oxford University is one of the oldest and best universities in the world, where more than 20,000 students currently study, and about a quarter of them are foreign students. According to QS World University Ranking, the university is positioned in top five universities of the world.