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Within the Green Campus project on May 3, 2017 faculty of Biology and biotechnology the student's scientific conference «Kalluso, - morphogenetic and regeneration activity of plant cells and tissue» among students of the 2nd course in the specialty "5B070100" - Biotechnology was held. Venue: treasury of al-Farabi, 2 halls., carrying out time: on May 3, 2017 at 9:00.

Purpose and problems of conference: discussion of results of the scientific projects executed executed at the rate "Bases Biotechnology of Plants". Conference is directed on stimulation of interests of students in research work, disclosure their informative and creative abilities.

At conference results of the scientific projects executed at the rate "Bases Biotechnology of Plants" were discussed. During the students showed to presentation the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of biotechnology of plants, skills to plan pilot studies on cultivation of cages and fabrics of plants of in vitro, to draw the conclusions and conclusions.

Following the results of the student's scientific conference «Kalluso, - morphogenetic and regeneration activity of plant cells and tissue» for the best projects students were awarded by diplomas and diplomas.


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 Abay A., Musirov B., Toktyrova D., Sharipbek A.

BТ 15-04  

«3 G»

Diploma of  I degree


Bayserik A., Bekbosin A., Galizhanova A., Dildabaeva A.



Diploma of  II degree


Abdrazak A., Armis D., Zhaisanbay K., Abdihalik A.


«Young biotechno-logist»

Diploma of  III degree


Mysabaeva G., Alimzhan A., Narinbay A., Nuriev Sh.





Tokanova A., Tursinova Zh., Niazbek A., Selmuhan A.


«In vitro»



"Measles, its symptoms
and prevention"

01.03.2016у 19.00

Within the framework of "Cult of Healthy Body" on March 1st2015 at 19.00 in the auditorium of #7 Students’ house of the Biology and Biotechnology Faculty will be held a seminar-training for students dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with the participation of a physician-epidemiologist Zaurbekova A.A.

Еvent dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
26.02.2016у 14.00

At the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology in the MAH # 3 on 26thFebruary, 2015 at 14.00 will be held an event dedicated to the 70thanniversary of the Great Victory "Ensesi Biik – Uly Zhenis».

Importance of Family in

Our Life


The event discussed the importance of the family in human life.


An Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Purpose and problems of action: education of feeling of patriotism, love for the country, pride of the historical last present and bright future of the people of Kazakhstan

Educational hour on the

subject "Kazakh Biy" dedicated

"550 anniversary of the Kazakh