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Round table "The words of edification and the chosen verses of Abay"  within the 100 books project

On November 30, 2017

Venue: GAM-6, 412 room. Time: 17:00. Organizers: PhD, associate professor Asrandina S.SH., Doctor of Biological Science, professor Atabayeva S.D., Doctor of chemical science, Professor Shoinbekova S. A.

On November 30, 2017  students of  a specialty "5B070100" – Biotechnology,  Department of Biotechnology of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, held a round table within the project event  in the frame of the Programme “100 books” "

The words of edification and the chosen verses of Abay".

The purpose of the event: to promote formation of high sense of patriotism and pride of the Homeland Kazakhstan, acquaintance with life and works of the great Kazakh poet of Abay Kunanbayev.

One of the brightest works and works of the thinker and the philosopher of the Kazakh people Abay of Kunanbayula are the Words of Edification. Abay constantly called the people for knowledge, claiming: "Only knowledge the person is alive, Only knowledge the century moves! Only knowledge — a torch of hearts!". He emphasized that lack of knowledge, ignorance make the person defective. According to him, spiritual improvement of the personality in many respects depends on acquisition of knowledge, education. "Knowledge of the person — he wrote, is a criterion of humanity". Only having the necessary sum of knowledge, the person can learn the world, distinguish good from the evil, useful from harmful, and only then from it it is possible to wait for advantage. To be in time behind the growing knowledge of human society, it is necessary to study, to fill up the knowledge each hour. Abay writes in "The words of edification": "Without science there is no benefit on that in this world". "The forty fifth word", comes to an end with words: "That who has more knowledge... that also possesses the world". Abay taught young people to find the place in society and to direct the knowledge to helping the people to be exempted from ignorance and lawlessness. Edifications of Abay have great educational value also today.

Together with the students 2- 3 courses of specialty "5B070100 - Biotechnology" was held a round table devoted to the life and works of great kazakh poet Abay.  Students presentation about the work of  great Kazakh poet, acquainted with the biography of the poet, and  delivered reports, prepared presentations. Students read excerpts from the works of Abay, expressed their opinions about the work of the poet, on  topical subjects that still are modern and  that  have been troubled Abai many years ago.

At the end of the event teachers expressed their admiration for the work of the great poet Abay and thanks to students who have prepared this event.



Discussion platform " AIDS – plague of the 21st century " within the "Cult of a Healthy Lifestyle"

November 23, 2017

Venue: al-Farabi Kazakh National university, hostel-7, carrying out time: 16:00 hour.

Within the "Cult of a Healthy Lifestyle" project on November 23, 2017 the department of biotechnology of faculty of biology and biotechnology carried out a discussion platform on the subject " AIDS – plague of the 21st century ".

Action purpose: formations of aspiration to a healthy lifestyle to cultivate at students moral and spiritual qualities, responsibility for the health, the negative relation to addictions as to paths of infection of HIV.

Students led the cognitive discussion on the subject "AIDS — Plague of the 21st Century" devoted to the World day with AIDS. Students prepared the presentations about the terrifying real of a problem of AIDS in the modern society. During viewing students learned, than HIV infection from AIDS, stages of development of HIV/AIDS, about diagnosis of HIV – an infection, about possible paths of infection and methods of prophylaxis of AIDS differs. In completion of an action the movie "Simple Rules against AIDS" was shown to students.

This action forms a conscientious and responsible attitude of students to personal security and safety of people around.

Within the Green Campus project on May 3, 2017 faculty of Biology and biotechnology the student's scientific conference «Kalluso, - morphogenetic and regeneration activity of plant cells and tissue» among students of the 2nd course in the specialty "5B070100" - Biotechnology was held. Venue: treasury of al-Farabi, 2 halls., carrying out time: on May 3, 2017 at 9:00.

Purpose and problems of conference: discussion of results of the scientific projects executed executed at the rate "Bases Biotechnology of Plants". Conference is directed on stimulation of interests of students in research work, disclosure their informative and creative abilities.

At conference results of the scientific projects executed at the rate "Bases Biotechnology of Plants" were discussed. During the students showed to presentation the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of biotechnology of plants, skills to plan pilot studies on cultivation of cages and fabrics of plants of in vitro, to draw the conclusions and conclusions.

Following the results of the student's scientific conference «Kalluso, - morphogenetic and regeneration activity of plant cells and tissue» for the best projects students were awarded by diplomas and diplomas.


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 Abay A., Musirov B., Toktyrova D., Sharipbek A.

BТ 15-04  

«3 G»

Diploma of  I degree


Bayserik A., Bekbosin A., Galizhanova A., Dildabaeva A.



Diploma of  II degree


Abdrazak A., Armis D., Zhaisanbay K., Abdihalik A.


«Young biotechno-logist»

Diploma of  III degree


Mysabaeva G., Alimzhan A., Narinbay A., Nuriev Sh.





Tokanova A., Tursinova Zh., Niazbek A., Selmuhan A.


«In vitro»



"Measles, its symptoms
and prevention"

01.03.2016у 19.00

Within the framework of "Cult of Healthy Body" on March 1st2015 at 19.00 in the auditorium of #7 Students’ house of the Biology and Biotechnology Faculty will be held a seminar-training for students dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with the participation of a physician-epidemiologist Zaurbekova A.A.

Еvent dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
26.02.2016у 14.00

At the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology in the MAH # 3 on 26thFebruary, 2015 at 14.00 will be held an event dedicated to the 70thanniversary of the Great Victory "Ensesi Biik – Uly Zhenis».

Importance of Family in

Our Life


The event discussed the importance of the family in human life.


An Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Purpose and problems of action: education of feeling of patriotism, love for the country, pride of the historical last present and bright future of the people of Kazakhstan

Educational hour on the

subject "Kazakh Biy" dedicated

"550 anniversary of the Kazakh