Achievements of Chairs


 The annual project Super Smart Project, where teams from all faculties in a humorous genre are fighting for the title of super-smart. The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics put forward their children to participate in the project, where the main part of the team were first-year students in the specialty Mathematical and Computer Modeling. Separately, it is worth noting the cohesion of the faculty support group, which, under the guidance of the student dekan Kylyshbay Alua (3 year course MKM) received the title of Үzdіk zhankүayer.
 On November 1, 2018, the annual talent competition among freshmen took place in the Palace of Students. Students of the specialty MKM took an active part and won prizes in the nominations Best Folk Dance, Best Expressive Reading, Best Performance on a Musical Instrument. And the Grand Prix was awarded for the Best Modern Dance. A great contribution to the preparation of students for the competition was made by the students of MKM 4th year Shopan Anara, Musina Kamila, as well as the student dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, 3th year student of the MKM Kylyshbai Alua.
   Undergraduate 2nd year specialty MKM Shakhmugambetova Zhansaya Erkeevna visited Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia
 In the ranking of educational programs of universities in Kazakhstan - 2018 under the master's program - "6M070500" Mathematical and computer modeling took the first place.
Сonference "Advancing skills towards professional competence" 
 The Training “Big Data School” organized by Kaunas University of Technology in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Certificates for completing the "Total Energy" course for MCM master students  
   On the basis of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the MKM Department organized a subject Olympiad in honor of the 70th anniversary of the laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, professorNARGOZY TURSYNBAYEVICH DANAEVA. Particularly active participation in the competition was attended by first-year undergraduate students. The winners of the Olympiad are: 1st place-Barmagambetov Sagynysh Meyirkhanuly (mathematics, 2nd year), 2nd place- Kasimov Alikhan (mathematics, 1st year), 2nd place - Mālbek Asylan Serikuly (MKM, 3rd year), 3rd place- Iseev Sұңғat Mұhtaruly (MKM, 2 course), 3rd place - Teғaliev Asylkhan Tlektesuly (MCM, 3rd year), 3rd place - Chakenov Yernur Yerlanuly (MCM, 2 year). All winners received certificates in the amount of: 1st place - 50,000 tenge, 2nd place- 25,000 tenge, 3rd place -15,000 tenge.
   Our teachers of the department MKM Mausumbekova SD and Beketaeva A.O. From July 16 to July 20, 2018, they completed advanced training courses in the Erasmus + program at the University of Keela, Keel, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, United Kingdom (University of Keele,Keele, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, United Kingdom)
   Doctoral student of the 3rd course of the specialty MKM Esenalieva Ainur, passed an internship from March 1 to May 29, 2018 at the University Konkuk, Seoul, Korea. (Konkuk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  Certificates of the summer school “Mathematical methods in science and Technology” to MKM undergraduatesCertificates have been issued for the successful completion of the 2nd International Summer School “Mathematical Methods in Science and Technology” to undergraduates of the first year of study at the specialty MKM: Abdybaeva S., Amanbai A., Vinnikova K., Mendykhankyzy P.


 On May 26, 2018, on the last Saturday of May, the annual holiday of the Graduate Day was held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. With the support of the Alumni Association, the Al-Farabi Square was solemnly opened, and the Taikazan fountain was launched in front of the Kermet Service Center. Further, at the gala concert were awarded diplomas to the best graduates of 2018. Among them, on behalf of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was awarded the 4th year student of the specialty MCM Kenzhekulova Moldir Kempirbekovna


 Pupils of the professor of the department of mathematical and computer modeling Shakenova KK won prizes at national and international competitions
   Accreditation of the doctoral education program 6D070500 - Mathematical and computer modeling (Mathematical and Computational Modeling) in the international agency AQUIN.
   From April 20-21, 2018, the Republican Student Olympiad in the specialty "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" was held at Nazarbayev University. The competition was attended by students of leading universities of the republic - ENU. L.N. Gumelev, KazNU them. Al-Farabi, a branch of Moscow State University. The Olympiad is held annually and involves team and individual competitions.Representatives of the team KazNU. al-Farabi honorably withstood this difficult competition. In the individual championship third place was taken by students Abai Azat, Aida Nogayeva, Sabirov Roza. In the team championship, the members of our team as part of Abai Azat, Nogaeva Aida, Sabirov Roza adequately represented the university and took the honorable 2nd place.
   04.22.2018 Teachers of the department MKM Abdrakhmanova N., Bektemesov J., Kudaibergenov Askhat, Kudaibergenov Askar participated in the Marathon - 2018.
   On April 13, 2018, the closing ceremony of the V International Farabian Readings took place, under which the teacher of the department of the MCM, PhD PhD student of the 3rd year Kudaibergenov Askar was awarded the diploma "Best Young Scientist of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University".
   From 9–12 April 2018, the V International al-Farabi readings were held at the KazNU named after al-Farabi. The section was attended by students and undergraduates of the department MKM.1st place was taken by 4th year student Elubaeva Gulmira2nd place 4th year students Bulgakov R. Sabirov R. Moldatayeva A.3rd place 4th year students Nurlybaeva A., Kydykova K.The remaining participants were awarded certificates of participation.
   On April 6, 2018, on the SSP project, the combined KVN team of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies won a prize and won a certificate for 200,000 (thousand) tenge on the SSP project.
   March 15, 2018, the annual Student Spring Competition was held in the Zholdasbekov Students Palace. In the genre of the musical it was necessary to reveal the theme of this year "Yel Zhүregі-Astana".Of the 13 faculties, the association of the mechanics and mathematics faculty and the faculty of information technology took the 3 rd place.


Accreditation of the undergraduate educational program 5B070500 - Mathematical and computer modeling (Applied and Computational Mathematics) and master's degree 6M070500 - Mathematical and computer modeling in the International Accreditation Agency ASIIN (Germany)
   Today is February 27, 2018 on behalf of the deans of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Zhakebaeva D.B. and the dean of the faculty of information technology Tukeyev U.A. Student of the Department of Mathematical and Computer Modeling Kenzhekulova Moldir who took an active part in the annual competition "Student Spring" among the faculties of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University was awarded a certificate for contribution to the development of the faculty.
   February 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics there was held a competition "Kyzykala Tola Mekh-Mat". The competition was attended by 4 groups with specialties of mathematics, computer science, MCM, mechanics. According to the results, students from the group of Mathematicians took the first place, MKM took the second place, and computer science students - the third place. There was a competition among fans, and the winners received a small prize.
   On February 14-15, 2002, a seminar was held in our capital on the topic “Rouhani zhanygru- Bolashakka bastar Zhol”, which was visited by our student dean Kylyshbai Alua together with other leaders of our university.
   The 2nd year student of the specialty MKM Makulbek Asylan won the second prize at the Olympiad "Algebra, Logic and Geometry".
 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow, Russia) open and implement a double-degree educational program “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science” under the Master’s program using the network form.
Presentation of a letter of thanks to Tungatarov N.N.

Doctor of Physical andMathematical Sciences, Professor Khadjieva Lelya Azretovna wonthe title of "The Best University Teacher" in 2013.

Professor Shakenov Kanat Kozhakhmetovich, Acting Professor Dayrbaeva Gullyazat Mansurovna, associate professor Karimov Altyngazy Karimovich were awardedthe Jubilee Medals“ In honour of the 80th anniversary of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University”

Head of the Department Dr.PhD,associate professor Zhakebaev Dauren Bahytbekuly received the title of" The Best University Teacher" in 2014