History of the Department


Jurisprudence is an integral part of the classical University structure of education today. Employees of the Law faculty occupy a prestigious role in the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

In 1955 on the basis of Almaty Law Institute in the state higher educational institution of Kazakhstan the Law faculty was created. Using modern teaching methods, it has trained and produced lawyers of the highest level. During its 63-year of history, the Law faculty has trained about 35,000 legal professionals, i.e. judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and public security officers, notaries, advocates and lawyers.

Deans of the Law faculty at different times were Zimanov S.Z., Vaksberg M.A., Sartaev S.S., Abzhanov K.A., Urgenshbaev K.C., Basin J.G., Udartsev S.F., Sarsenbayev M.A., Zhirenchin K.A., Kairzhanov E.I., Bekturganov A.E. At the moment the Dean of the Law faculty is Doctor of law, Professor Baideldinov D.L.

At the faculty there are the Academician of NAS RK, Doctor of law, Professor S.S. Sartayev; Doctor of law, Professor D.L. Baideldinov, Doctor of law, Professor A.N. Agybaev, about 30 Doctors and Professors, more than 80 Candidates of science and Associate Professors, 12 PhD Doctors and lecturers. Also, open lectures for students are conducted by highly qualified specialists from the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Presidential Administration, the Prosecutor General's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other law enforcement agencies.


Every year, about 15 scientists and lecturers of the faculty undergo scientific training at foreign universities and research centers. Over the past 5 years, scientists and lecturers of the faculty published more than 1,000 scientific and educational-methodical works. In particular, more than 80 monographs, about 200 textbooks and manuals, more than 300 collections, dictionaries, more than a hundred textbooks and scientific articles.

The staff of the Law faculty is a well-known leader in training highly qualified personnel capable of forming a democratic law-governed state in the market economy.