Foreign students speak about Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Kim San Woo, student from Korea

I'm came from Korea 17/09/2017. First time in Kazakhstan, it was very difficult. First semester in al-Farabi KazNU, Department of Language and general education of foreigners, Faculty of Pre-university Education feels like in "Grand motherland war" at penal battalion. Can't go back or slowly, can't get good rest. So... Why I feeled very difficult? Cause, I don't know Cyrillic alphabets, and I can't understood very well grammars. But, I hope to understand other cultures, and make me understand better. I think "First time is hard. But, always do your best maked your proud and happy." Many peoples know "No pain, No gain.". Yes! Exactly! This word is true. Now, I hope to more learn Russian, I get acquainted with the Kazakh languages, I learn a new country and want more understand other CIS, Eastern Europe, Central Asia countries cultures. Now, I study Second semester. In my group there are students who came from China and Afghanistan. Well... Actually, it’s not easy now too. But more interesting and more happy understand Russian language. I glad my University and my Teachers and Professors. The atmosphere at the lessons is friendly and relaxed. This is also the merit of the teachers. Teachers of the Department do their best for the successful study of foreign students. 

Старший преподаватель Ахмедова А.А.

JayR Loredo, student from the Philippines 

Every year at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University on the Faculty Pre-University Education   study about 200 foreign students from all over the world. Many of them start to learn Russian and Kazakh languages from zero level. Their teachers give them not only knowledge of the language, but also a piece of the soul. Their teachers give to them not only knowledge of language, but also part of the soul. And of course, it is so nice to hear from our students words of gratitude. One of our foreign students – student JayR Loredo from the Philippines                                                                             – wrote an essay about Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and his impressions from studying in Department of language training and general education on the Faculty Pre-University Education.

Two years ago, like every foreign student here in Almaty, I did’t know what KazNU is. There were few Kazakhs in the Philippines which I knew and became my friends, and they were three only to be exact. I couldn’t remember that they mentioned that there is in their country a famous and classical university, not even once. Now that I am here, whenever I say that I’m studying in KazNU, people always marvel, so I wonder why. But soon enough I discovered the reasons of their amazement.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is ranked as 220th out of a thousand universities in the world in 2018 that serves quality education that will really satisfy your expectation. Therefore, it’s no doubt for eight decades and five years since its establishment it continues producing productive students both locals and internationals, that are competitive and helpful for the economy’s development here and abroad. You will see lots of reasons why it is one of the best universities in the world. The university has huge land area that is big enough to cater tens of thousands of students and employees; it has safe and convenient dormitories for the local and foreign students within its area; it has the biggest library in Kazakhstan which is exceptional; it has its own swimming pool which is really amazing; it has lots of laboratories and research facilities for class purposes and in-depth studies; it has its own palace – a student palace as they call it that facilitates all the university’s big and small events because of its huge size; also the university has sixteen faculties that just not hones students’ intelligence but also their skills, talents, personalities and humanitarians. One of these is the Faculty Pre-University Education designed for international students like me, before going to formal degree in any college or university here in Almaty.

My name is JayR Loredo and I’m from Philippines. It’s been two years since I came here in Almaty and study in this prestigious university of Kazakhstan. I started studying Kazakh language for two years and I could say that because of my teachers dedication to their work to give to their students the best learning they could ever have, I can speak and communicate now in their vernacular language, though not yet fluent but at least good enough to be understood, anyway my daily practice will make me speak fluently someday. I’m on my third year of studies here in KazNU but for now I’m studying Russian language. As expected, I have another teacher who is so devoted for her students learning. I met a lot of excellent teachers here with good hearts for their students, who show respect to all their overseas students, and the best thing that I appreciated the most is their willingness to offer their extended time whenever you need a help because you don’t understand at all. As a result, their students from America, Britain, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, Germany, Africa, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran, these are few of the countries that I know, love and highly esteem them for what they are doing for their students’ development. Teachers and their employees are approachable enough so you won’t feel you are a total stranger in their land and that is the reason why I am still here in this university studying their languages.

     I could think of thousands of universities in the world that are maybe better than KazNU because of their massive land area or gorgeous facilities and infrastructure and so forth. Nonetheless, the teachers’ and workers’ warmth accommodation and admiration to their foreign students for both young and old, black and white, regardless of our races makes me feel safe and proud that I am not discriminated here but rather feel special to be taught to. I am glad that I can get an education here and thank the teachers of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

ст.преподаватель кафедры языковой

и общеобразовательной подготовки иностранцев А.С. Айтпаева

студент из Филиппин Джей А Лоредо



Upendra Choudhary, Russian language course student from India:

- I have a desire to make business in CIS countries. So I want to learn Russian language. I have chosen Almaty (Kazakhstan) because it is a very beautiful city. Here weather is awesome, supportive people it is good education hub. I heard many appreciations about this University, as well as best faculties.

In starting have face to some problem, like worried about lessons when I have to attend lessons and when will be finish. When teacher taught us lessons, give us homework to go to market and ask everything how to buy products and make a video how to talk. It is very interesting part.

Student life in a foreign country is especially interesting. It is very good experience, and a part of raising up own knowledge. During studies, I have interest to visit city more and more, attracted me different thing. I have many new friends. Now when I talk my friends I am using Russian language. Those students who want to learn Russian language, it is better way to learn Russian go through Al Farabi Kazakh National University.

Yekaterina Tarakova, teacher


Хинако Иноуэ (Япония)

Студентка кафедры языковой и общеобразовательной подготовки иностранцев факультета довузовского образования.


         Совсем недавно я узнала о музее, который есть на нашем факультете. В числе других студентов я посетила этот музей. Я узнала, что наш факультет довузовского образования был основан в 1985 году. До настоящего времени множество студентов из разных стран мира проходили обучение здесь. В музее мы можем посмотреть старые, ещё чёрно-белые фотографии. Мы увидели на них нашего преподавателя совсем молодой!

         Но особенно интересным для меня было знакомство с информацией о студенте из Японии Масаки Масахико. Этому пожилому студенту было 70 лет, когда он приехал изучать казахский язык.

         После того, как я побывала в музее и узнала о нём, я очень заинтересовалась его жизнью и прочитала статью о нём на японском языке. Из этой статьи я узнала, что Масахико-сан, врач по специальности, после выхода на пенсию посвятил свою жизнь обследованию и реабилитации жертв ядерных испытаний в Казахстане. Он информировал казахов о безъядерном мире, посвятив остаток своей жизни изучению казахского языка.

         Я была впечатлена его деятельностью. В то же время я счаствлива, что учусь в том же университете, что и он. Сейчас он будто поощряет меня и мою учёбу здесь.

Старший преподаватель Ахмедова А.А.


Hinako Inoue (Japan)

Student of the Department of Language and general education of foreigners, (Faculty of Pre-university Education).


I didn’t know that there is a museum in the building of our faculty. Our Faculty of Pre-university Education was established in 1985. Until now, a lot of students from all over the world have studied here. In the museum we can see old pictures. They were even black and white. Some of them were pictured of my teacher when she was very young.

The most interesting thing I found there was that the oldest studied here was a Japanese guy. His name is Masaki Masahiko. He started learning Kazakh language at the age 70 (or more).

After I visited the museum and knew about him, I going curious about him and read the article about him in Japanese. According to the article I read, He dedicated his life his retirement to the investigation and counter measures of victim in nuclear testing in Kazakhstan. And to inform Kazakh people about non-nuclear peace, He dedicated to learn local language here.

I was impressed by his works. At the same I was glad that I am studying in the same university as him. Now He encourages me studying here.

Kurmanova T., teacher