Tuition fees

Information for students of academic year 2015-2016

Tuition fee terms of payment:

  • The tenge is established as a currency of payment for educational services provided within the relevant national standard;
  • The student agrees to pay KazNU the financial resources as per calculation of the annual cost of training of specialist in the amount according to the signed contract;
  • Tuition fee must be arranged in stages per semester (before September 1 - 50%; before February 15 - the remaining amount) or for the whole academic year (before September 1). For the graduating year the payment for the whole academic year before December 1;
  • In case of changes in the amount of tuition fee, an amendment agreement is made to the present Agreement. An increase in tuition fees cannot exceed the growth in labor costs and inflation index in relation to the total volume of studying costs;
  • Only through transferring the relevant payments to the account of the University through the second-tier banks, with the indication of all Student's data;
  • A student, who enters by transferring from another educational institution, must arrange a tuition fee upon prior to the issuance of an order of KazNU Rector on Student's enrollment and acceptance of the obligations to pay the remaining amount prior to the examination period;
  • When to make a payment for tuition, there is a discount for Students carried off by installed Discounts and premiums system of KazNU;
  • The contractual obligation on paying the tuition will remain until the date of publication of the dismissal order of the Student.
    • In subsequent retrieval of a Student into the number of students in the case of expel, the termination of this Contract with the Student, tuition fees are made at the rate and according to the terms existing at the time of retrieval.
    • In the case of expel of a Student for violation of Rules of internal regulations, the Charter of KazNU, violations of the curriculum and academic discipline, dormitory Regulations, the falling out of touch with KazNU, acts of indecency and law violations - the money which was paid during the current academic year is not the subject to return.

Re-course or re-attending the lessons with the aim of academic debt retirement on a fee paid basis

  • The registration is made through "UNIVER" IS
  • The payment method – only through forwarding the relevant payments to the account of the University through the second-tier banks, with the indication of all Student's data (name, IIN, mode of study, department and course), and with the obligatory "for the re-education" indication.



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The payment for KAZNU services become available through the terminals and via the Personal Kassa 24 service