Scientific-educational Centre "Multilingual education resource center"

Scientific-educational Centre

"Multilingual education resource center"


"Multilingual education resource center" was opened on the basis of Order No.500 dated July 24, 2017 at the Department of language and General education of foreigners of the faculty of pre-University education of the al-Farabi Kazakh national University.

"Multilingual education resource" has all the necessary resources for successful implementation of educational activities for foreign students who want to complete language training in Kazakh / Russian / English as a foreign languages.

Teaching is carried out by experienced teachers who have been teaching foreign students from different countries of the world for many years: USA, Europe, Asia, etc.

The Center's teachers are proficient in modern methods and technologies of foreign language teaching in Kazakh as a foreign languages / Russian as a foreign languages, English, and are the authors of educational technologies and methods for teaching Kazakh and Russian as a foreign languages.

The center has the necessary resource base for teaching Kazakh / Russian / English as a foreign language: textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, audio-video materials.

Our students have different motives and goals: admission to al-Farabi Kazakh national University and other Kazakh universities, work, just love for Kazakh / Russian / English. Those who study at the Center are between 17 and 70 years old. These are future students and researchers, businessmen, diplomats and employees of international companies that have their representative offices in Kazakhstan, foreign teachers who have come to work at universities and language schools in Kazakhstan.

The Center selects an individual learning rate and flexible schedule for each student.

 Students can choose to study individually or in groups.




          Director of the Center - doctor of Philology, acting associate Professor ulzhan Musabekova, contacts: tel.: +77017600086,

          Maria aznabakieva, assistant Director, tel.: +77078258833; +77015577950,


Location of the Center: 39/47, Masanchi St. (street corner of Bogenbai batyr), office 218a Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Language programs


Our Kazakh and Russian language courses are divided into 6 main levels of study, according to the Council of Europe's pan-European foreign language proficiency competencies: starting from A1 level to higher C2.

Upon admission, the Center conducts diagnostics of the language level, develops an individual or specialized program for intensive mastery of Kazakh, Russian, and English.

For its students, the Center has developed a special course on the culture of Kazakhstan (excursions to museums in Almaty, picnics in nature, climbing the peaks of TRANS-ili Alatau, the ski resort of Chimbulak, Kolsay lakes, etc.; lessons of Kazakh hospitality: national cuisine; acquaintance with the traditions of the Kazakh people).

At the end of training, all students who successfully complete the program receive a state certificate from al-Farabi Kazakh national University.


Language programs of the Center:


  • ·         General basic course in Kazakh /Russian / English
  • ·         Intensive course in Kazakh / Russian/ English
  • ·         Kazakh / Russian / English for studying in Humanities / technical specialties
  • ·         Practical phonetics of Kazakh/ Russian / English languages
  • ·         Kazakh/Russian/English: conversational practice
  • ·         Kazakh/Russian/English: business communication – business Commerce
  • ·         Kazakh/Russian/English: the language of mass media
  • ·         Kazakh/Russian/English languages: a guide-interpreter
  • ·         Preparation for the Russian language proficiency test as a foreign language
  • ·         Kazakh/Russian/English for diplomats
  • ·         Methods of teaching Kazakh/ Russian/English as a foreign language
  • ·         culture of Kazakhstan
  • ·         Summer intensive course of the Kazakh/Russian/English languages


Description of language programs


General basic Russian language course

The General basic course of Kazakh/Russian / English includes 4 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 (3 times for 6 hours a week). Each level is designed for 144 hours.


Intensive course

       The intensive Russian language course includes 4 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 (4 times for 16 hours a week). Each level is designed for 144 hours.


Kazakh/Russian/English languages for studying in Humanities/technical specialties

The purpose of the course: to prepare students for admission and successful study in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The student masters the preparatory program in the language of the specialty.


Practical phonetics

The course is designed for students who need to adjust their pronunciation skills. The course includes pronunciation and intonation. Special exercises have been developed for articulating sounds, intonation, correct reading,and diction.


Conversational practice (level approach)

The course develops spoken language in various communication situations. The course will expand your vocabulary and allow you to communicate fluently in a foreign language.


The language of the media

The course is designed to develop students ' skills of perception of media information. The course will allow students to understand information from newspapers, television, and radio.


Guide-translator (certified course)

Certified program for training Russian-speaking guides and translators.


Preparation for the Russian language proficiency test as a foreign language 

The program prepares foreign students for testing their proficiency in Russian as a foreign language (elementary level, basic level, I certification level, II certification level, III certification level, IV certification level).


Methods of teaching Kazakh/Russian/English as a foreign language

(certified course)

The program offers a course of mastering the methods of teaching Kazakh/ Russian as a foreign language, and English. 


culture of Kazakhstan 


 This program is offered as a Supplement to intensive courses (2-4 hours per week).

Course on culture of Kazakhstan:

• History

• Art

• Gastronomy

• Movie

• Traditions

• Excursions


Summer intensive course of the Kazakh/Russian/English languages (8 weeks)


Learning Kazakh / Russian / English in Kazakhstan is becoming increasingly popular among young people around the world.

The summer program is designed for 8 weeks: weekly for 18 hours a week in the following aspects:

• grammar

• tongues

• reading

• letter

• phonetics

• audition


An essential part of the summer program is a course on the culture of Kazakhstan


  • ·         excursions to museums in Almaty
  • ·        
  • ·         lessons of Kazakh hospitality: national cuisine
  • ·         traditions of the Kazakh people

After school, students can develop their Russian language in the classes of clubs: discussion, music, and film clubs.


The program also includes a visit to the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan.


During the entire period of study, foreign students are helped to adapt to the country and spend interesting time by their linguistic partners from among the Kazakhstani student volunteers.


At the end of training, all students who successfully complete the program receive a state certificate from KazNU.

The program also provides training in intensive Kazakh / Russian language training for 2 weeks or more throughout the school year, as well as cultural programs "Welcome to Kazakhstan!" for foreigners interested in Kazakhstan.