V International Farabi Readings


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 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University holds V International Farabi Readings 3-13 April, 2018. A tradition to hold the Readings, which are an open platform for discussion on scientific, political and social problems in various areas of the development of society, was established in 2014.

Major scientific events designed to unite efforts of Kazakhstan and foreign scientists in solving existing problems in the development of society, the state and the individual are to be held within the framework of the International Farabi Readings.

Nobel laureates, scientists, teachers, students of universities and scientific institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad alike, representatives of the Kazakhstan MFA and diplomatic missions are expected to take part in the Readings.

Following events to take place:

  • 3-4 April 2018 V International forum “Al-Farabi and the present”;
  • 4-13 April 2018 International faculty-based scientific conferences;
  • 9-12 April 2018 International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists «Farabi Álemi».

Scientific and technical events will be held with the participation and support of the Oxford University (Great Britain), “Man and the Biosphere” UNESCO Program of the National Committee, the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office, the UNIO in Kazakhstan, “Academic Influence” UN hub program (UNAI), “Adil Soz” International Foundation for the protection of freedom of speech, “Turkic Speaking Journalists” public foundation, “MediaNet” International Journalism Center, Kings College (London, England), Aitmatov Academy (London, England),Vienna University of Economics and Business (Vienna, Austria), Istanbul University’s Al-Farabi Center for Eurasian Studies (Turkey).

Venue: Al-Farabi Science Library. Faculty of Law. Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science. Faculty of Geography and Nature Management. Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Faculty of Physics and Technology. KazNU sports hall. U. Zholdasbekov Palace of Students.



1. Ruhani jangiru: preservation and development of the national code

2. The formation of a smart society - the mission of universities 4.0

3. Classification of al-farabi’s sciences and the actual problems of modern science

4. Innovative potential of the 21st century and sustainable development

5. Scientometrics and management of scientific and technological development of society

6. Human capital as the basis of intellectual potential of the nation

 The forum will include the following discussion platforms:

I Discussion platform Republican contest of student essays «How I understand «Modernization of the public consciousness».

II Discussion platform «Current state and development prospects of religious studies in Kazakhstan»

III Discussion platform «Impact of Higher Education and Science Globalization on Identity Development»

IV Discussion platform «Discourse of national education of student youth in the context of «A sight to the future: modernization of public consciousness»

V Discussion platform «The psychological views of al-Farabi in modern psychological research»

VI Discussion platform «New opportunities under the fourth industrial revolution: politological aspect»


Conditions of participation: 

 For participation in the Forum it is required to send an application in and thesis according to the following forms of application till March 20, 2018:

1. Surname, name, middle name

2. Name of present employer (full name of the organization and the department)

3. Position

4. Scientific or academic title

5. Scientific or academic degree

6. Contacts e-mail

7. Section of the Forum (Discussion platform)

8. Title of the topic


Terms of publication: 

The Organizing Committee accepts to the publication original finished scientific and practical-oriented articles on the directions of the forum's work. Articles will be published in the peer-reviewed journal “KazNU Bulletin”.

The full volume of the thesis, including references, tables and figures with captions, and annotations is 1-2 pages. An electronic file of the article must be sent. The file name must begin with the first author’s surname in Latin (e.g., Ivanov.doc (rtf)); Page of the article should be numbered. The text should be typed in any version of Word, on a CD or other media or sent by email. Text font is Times New Roman, paper size – A4 (210 * 297 mm), type size - 12 pt. Line spacing – single. Full justification. Paragraph indention – 0.8 cm. Margins: top – 2, bottom – 2, left – 2, right – 2. Headset normal. The figures and tables in the text should be referenced. Tables should be titled, it is not permitted empty graph in them. Abbreviations and symbols should be explained in note. Exemplary materials are presented in the following formats: for photos, drawings – tiff or jepg (300 dpi for black-and-white and color ones); graphs, charts, diagrams, etc. – exls, cdr. On the back of the picture or under the surname of the author, article title and number of the figure should be written. Illustrations can be placed in the text, but must be attached as separate files, which will subsequently be used in the layout. Captions are given in a separate list at the end of the article.

References should consist of no more than 20 items and is made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003 “General requirements and rules”. Links to sources in the text are given in brackets only (without citation [12], when quoting or retelling of the author’s text [12, p. 29]). The numbering of references in the article is designed by ordinal number of the source in the reference lists. Archival materials are not included in the list of references, the links to them are placed in parentheses in the text. If you use article sources of electronic resources or remote access in the list of references is given bibliographic record source and link to the network resource with a full network address on the Internet. It is desirable to indicate the date of application to the resource.

Annotations in the Kazakh, Russian and English, which describes the subject and the conclusions of the paper, should be appropriated to the requirements of content, consistency and quality of the translation (2-3 lines).


Applications will be accepted at the following address:

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050012,

Masanchi street, 39/47 (corner Bogenbai Batyr), Al-Farabi Kazakh National University,

Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, office 314 а,

Phone: (8-727) 292 57 17 + additional (2182) +77012721704

e-mail: farabiforum2018@gmail.com

V International farabi readings